Watch Create PT Wealth’s tips on how to write newsletters for your PT business:

This is tip number 2 in communicating and sending your message out to your clients. We spoke about the email segment before, now what I’m telling you is what information you need to be putting in there. My advice to you is to put some written information down. There’s two ways that we recommend that you do that.

How to write newsletters for your PT business

Number one is writing it yourself. It doesn’t have to be a thesis. All that is has to be is something that is short, catchy and punchy to send a good message out to people.

If you’re sitting there and thinking that you don’t know the first place to start in terms of writing, you can jump onto a website just like Ezine articles and they’ve got a bunch of articles pre-loaded written by other people that you can take, as long as you reference that other person, and stick it into your email newsletter. So there you go: if you don’t like writing, you can get that yourself. So don’t sit there and think you can’t do this.The question is: is there a better way that you can do this and make this happen?