When I’m looking at a new potential client we’ve got starting with us at Create PT Wealth from doing a business blueprint, there’s three areas that I really review and look at. And here, just say it’s a triangle, so three heads of a triangle. Now, if you take away any one of those sides of the triangle, then it basically collapses. So, to make it really simple for people that maybe, don’t have the greatest business knowledge or experience, this concept and this idea of what to look for if you’re not achieving the success in your business or you want greater success is important.

Now, the first area that you need to look at is “Do you actually have a clear business set of goals? Do you actually have any idea about where you want to go?” Now, there’s a current reality. So, first thing we do when we work with a new business or business owner is look at what is their current reality because what you think may be going on and then when we get to people to fill out our documents. What we look at is the current reality a bit like we have a client that comes on board with here and you ask them about their reading for some people we have false beliefs, we can bullshit ourselves and they think they’re reading okay. You know you probably heard that: “How’s your reading habits?” – “Oh yeah, pretty good.”

But you know, obviously that’s not the case most of the time. So, we need to look at what’s your current reality, be honest about it and we have a business application. It’s called our business analysis and we look and just giving us a reality check for the business. So, for some people it can be really confronting because it’s like now you’ve got to be truthful about where your business is actually at. So, we look at the current reality and then we look at “Where do you want to go?”. And mostly people aren’t really that clear so you see why working on these three areas of business and three areas to review can almost miss people because if you don’t have that set of goals in place, it’s going to be very challenging to get what do I need to develop or put in in the place. So, we first go have a look. Let’s make sure we’re very clear on where you want to be and where you want to go. Once you do that and once you look at all the three areas as I’ve been talking about.

Number one is skill set. Now we look at what skill set do you have currently and what skill set do you need to develop because if I had a goal of getting my business up to, you know, two hundred thousand, three, whatever it may be, but I don’t have a good amount of skill set in sales, marketing, lead generation, you know, I just don’t have that set of skills at the moment, it’s going to be very challenging to reach that goal or target other than just hoping it all works out. And so, I’m often amazed when I look at someone’s current reality, that business analysis and they go, and look at the moment and see if they’ve been tracking stats which is the thing I’ve seen a lot of at the moment, if it’s taking you like your sales conversion rate is thirty, forty percent, that’s really going to make achieving that goal very challenging. That’s going to be very tough for you to do that and that’s going to be hard work, because you know you’ve got to take ten people to convert two rather than having ten people in front of you to convert like eight or nine of them.

And so, we go and look at that’s a part of the skill set that you need to develop if you’re truly serious about attaining those goals and why wouldn’t you achieve that business goal. Well, mostly for people because they want more freedom, passive income, better lifestyle, because most of us are in business to some degree to get the lifestyle we want, help people, all that stuff. So next I’ve got, do you know how to get leads, generate leads, and now do you have to look out for my database, build a value book, build rapport, and so, at some point, those leads that were strangers and call leads become warmer they like us, they get to trust us and eventually they do business with us so I look at the skill set.

So, my first tip is just stop and review your current reality and look, make sure you’ve got a clear goal where you want to go for the next financial year and then look and go “What skill sets am I lacking?” Because I haven’t put the time, energy and money, and that saying, “I don’t like sales. I’m not good at it”. That’s not going to help you achieve your goals. It’s not about liking sales or you know, what it’s about is getting good at it if you truly want to help people to achieve your mission. So, but we need to know area if that’s the area that’s lacking. Alright, so that’s skill set we need to review that.

Next side of the triangle I look at is, I look at the structure. What’s the structure of the business based on then the goal that people want to achieve, so we look at the structure of the business. And I was working with a facility, not so long ago, and they didn’t have a structure. They wanted to hire trainers in the gym. They didn’t have a structure, they didn’t have HR structure, they didn’t have how to employ somebody, how to write the ads, how to do the interview process. Not sure what to look for so there was lack in structure in that so it’s going to be very challenging again to achieve that goal if that structure’s not in place. They also didn’t have a marketing plan in place so there was nothing there to go and look to reach this financial target. “How we’re going to get these leads? How we’re going to convert?” And then lastly, there’s no sale system so it was just a winging approach, so just turn up and hopefully that person converts into a sale because I haven’t actually taken the time to put a system in place into my business. So that’ll be the structure part of it.

And lastly, the last one is mindset. Now, I’ve never seen anybody achieve the goal they want without having a positive outlook and a good mindset. So, once we set the goals and targets and we do all that thing. All those things in place, I ask people, “How do you emotionally and honestly feel about achieving those things?”

Now while you set goals and targets and you put these things in place because it will evoke some kind of emotional response, it’s going to be rather, “Yep, I feel one hundred percent certain inside of me” or it will be, “No, I don’t feel that way at all” And so, we got to be forever working on our professional development and also our personal development. So, to have a process, have some way to then remove such limiting beliefs, road blocks, you know, encouraging our minds to grow and expand, we need to look at those three areas.

Now if we don’t do that, again if we look at the triangle, take any one of those three sides away then it falls, now you can relate that to personal training you can give someone all the knowledge, you can have – “This is how you train, here’s your training program, here’s your eating plan” But if I don’t have that going on in between the ears. I don’t spend time really addressing some of those limiting beliefs around being in shape, then most likely they’ll self-sabotage and they won’t get that sorted.

On the flip side, though some of them might have the right mindset, you might be a very positive person. You know you can do it but if you don’t have the correct structure in place or systems, it’s not going to work either.

And lastly, you might have the right mindset, you might have some systems in place but you don’t have the right skill set. So, you’ve got all these stuff in place but it’s the skill set that’s lacking. So, now that I still don’t have the skill set in sales, lead generation, marketing, how to be a leader if I’m going to build a team, all those things in place so again it’s going to be very challenging to reach those goals.

So, three sides of the triangle they all need to balance up. Now another question is, “Do you need to be good at all those things?”

Well, as you’re growing a business and starting, if capital is the thing that’s lacking, then yeah, you will need to develop those skill sets to some degree but as time goes on and your business is more profitable may be there’s areas in business that you remove yourself from so in terms of the skill set. Maybe bookkeeping, maybe you’ll then get a VA or you get a virtual assistant or you hire someone who takes care of all the tracking stats, figures, you know, even the tax and bookkeeping. All that because it’s not a good use for your time and so that’s when you can start to explore. Mindset, of course, that’s all yours you’ve got to be investing in your personal development.

The structure of the business as the leader, you’re going to need to put the structure in place, doesn’t mean you implement all the stuff but it does mean you’re responsible for setting up the structure and getting your head around it.

So, I hope this has been of use. So, I’ll just see a comment here.

(“wanting nine trainers, someone to come with me, asking me about”)

(“someone asked me to…”)

(“and do I pay him my trainer’s cash or I don’t have to put him on my books”)

Yeah, that’s a pretty common one, Vic. So, look I hope you enjoy this video. I hope it made sense, I like to keep it simple but effective.

If you, my recommendation, share it, make some comments if you got anything you want us to cover please comment below, we love to hear you, hear from you and we love to provide as much content, available information as much as we can to help you in your fitness business.

Alright, Jason Urbanowicz signing out. Have a great day. Speak to you soon.