Should you have prices on your website?

Now it’s one of the questions we get asked a lot. Some people try it, they experiment it but then really get confused. Now, what you’ve got to understand is that the general public, people if they are looking for some help in the health and fitness or they’ve had the idea of getting a personal trainer, the first thing we have to understand is that most people don’t know the difference between you, what you have to offer and the next personal trainer other than the price. And so, if I’m looking for a trainer but I have no real idea about the difference then primarily, maybe the first question I’m gonna ask somebody as a trainer is what they charge or what I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna look straight for the place where I can find out how much the service is. So, if you have the prices on your website what potentially you’re doing is a you’re doing people a disservice, who are going there and checking your stuff out because they’ll only be making decision on price alone.

Now what we need to do with websites is to be very clear on who we help, how we can provide solutions to people. That’s why having a niche market is so important because when I land on your website what I really wanna know is how can you solve a problem of mine; how can you solve a frustration or how can you provide a solution. And so, we very much are the opinion and big evidence of not having your prices on your website because again, if you have Google Analytics set up on your pricing.

Hey, great to see you guys Cory, Samantha, great to have you tuned in.

If you have Google Analytics set up which I hope you do when you’re getting this evidence then what you can see is how long people are staying in your page, what are they going and checking out. Now you get all these stats and figures to help you with this and again, what I see is most people don’t really have a good understanding about what their website should contain what it should do and in essence, it becomes a business (sorry) a very expensive business card because they have very little information to help the potential client to figure out really if making contact with you is the next step.

And that should be primal factor of your website is have enough great content, great information to be able to, you know, get people to just take some small step to inquire.

So, Cory yeah, Cory just said that having a niche market is the best thing you guys told us and help. That’s great, Cory I’m glad that helped you out.

Because again, you know, if I know that I’m looking to help women over forty or fifty who are struggling to lose weight and be that way due to menopause and I specialize in that area then having that niche having my website design setup so that my Facebook ads, my marketing is all driving people towards my site they land there then it’s gonna match up with your marketing and so then it’s gonna match up from the ad that they’ve seen and they wanna go there and you wanna be able to give them that compelling reason to find and contact you and find out more.

So, I’m not gonna go in the detail about a website and what should it contain, you know the thing about today is about prices and really avoid having your prices on there and instead have that persuasive copy that’s incentive for people who want to find out more value so you can see it goes way beyond just your just you know putting a website together and hoping for the best.

Now if you don’t have Google Analytics set up or you’re not sure what that is, I would definitely recommend that find an expert who can help you set up if that’s not your bag cause you really wanna know the facts and figures.

Now we take ours quite regularly, we just checked ours for the day and we can see how many people are coming to the site and we can see how long they stay for and we can see what they look at and now if you have this setup on your page, you might say look “We’re getting a hundred people per week, per day” whatever it is, however they’re only staying for like a minute thirty, what we also can tell is they’re going straight to the pricing page and they they’re leaving

And so again, it’s money walking out the door, it’s missed opportunity walking out the door if you don’t have you know your whole system in place but if you only have prices on there, it’s gonna be very ineffective.

I’ve yet to see really anybody in our industry or a certain service, based businesses where they gonna put their prices on there.

The reality is I don’t know who you are, I don’t know if I can help you yet. I don’t know what your circumstances are so by me putting a price on my website so this is how much it’s gonna cost you to get personal training, you know I’m really letting you down because personal training is not what they want anyway, they want a solution to a problem or frustration that they’ve got.

So, we’ve got to provide that information first then we’ve got to find out if we can actually help that particular person, we could help you and that’s only by having some type of five to ten-minute conversation or some interaction at least.

Samantha says “Do you actually need a website?”. As a reality, in this day and age, you can probably get away with not having a website. There’s plenty of other services out there like ClickFunnels, Leadpages, there’s things like that like with Facebook, with people are gonna message you through that.

But you know, I’d say you can get by without one, I would still recommend, you know, having one and also depends how you operate your business like do you have a, do you work at a commercial gym, or a studio, you know if you have a studio or you’re running a business that’s external to a commercial gym, well you don’t have the luxury of having potential clients right at your fingertips then I would definitely recommend having one, people still use google search so depending on your situation then you know, you would wanna have a website which we call an authority website so you can do that, I would recommend, in that circumstance to do have a website.

Cory just said “I don’t have prices in my page but I’ve got a price range, so letting people know PT sessions cost between fifteen and seventy dollars.”, what do I think of that approach?

Look again, I guess you’ve given somebody the, you know, an expectation there is that price range again in that regard, let’s say test and measure again, you need to have the stats and figures to back up anything you do in your business so you know, again you’re welcome, Samantha. Again if, you know, you get some feedback from Google Analytics and you’re speaking to people that you know, contact you and you ask them and you would be asking them

“What was it about the site?”
“What was it that help you, you know, make the decision to pick up the phone or message us?”
If they say, “Look, well I saw there was between fifteen and seventy dollars” so what you got to understand again, Cory is that you know again, I might go, I might go the cheapest option, I might see if they sound good, I might have a pre-conceived idea about you know, expectations so you know, again I would be more on saying of you know solving a problem to people on my website and be very clear about the benefits that we deliver and I would be doing that just to get people to get on the phone and contact you. I’m not saying it’s wrong, I’m not saying it’s right however what I would do is I would test and measure it so again, and our philosophy we’re not putting prices on there you know, we can cover that part when we actually get someone on the blower because you know people are gonna have the response to, you know, our price and figure only. So yeah, hope that makes sense, I would recommend you don’t really need the pricing on there.

So, alright that’s my few quick tips, tips today, on you know pricing and on websites. You know, again, test and measure, just don’t take my word for it, our word or anybody else’s word for it, do your own divulgence and research. That’s just what we’ve experienced, that’s what we’ve seen and that’s what we send to psychology of people who buy and their decisions.

And just take it more from a point of view of, you know, when people land on your website that you really wanna make sure again, to recap that’s very clear on what you deliver, what problems you solve, what solutions provide, what niche you cater for, who you can specialize and help. Have a heap of social proof, if you’ve got it, if you’re starting out, you won’t have it but testimonials, case studies all those things that will help someone just make that first step to contact you.

At the end of the day, your main objective is can you get someone to feel, you know, excited enough about messaging you, if it’s, you could hook up Facebook messages to your website, contact form, just give them a compelling reason to just, at least, inquire about finding out more, give them that hook, give them a taste, give them a teaser and you know, just get them to make their inquiry.

Alright, Jason Urbanowicz signing off, hope you’ve had a great week and stay tuned in for more live videos.