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“If That’s You… We Will PERSONALLY Work With You One-On-One In Your Business To Help You Boost Sales, Leads And Profits To Build A Six-Figure And Beyond Business.”

But The First Step Is To Enroll In A Business Blueprint Consult.

(Watch The Video To Know If The Business Blueprint Is For You)


Very Limited Openings – Apply Below

Shane Da Costa
Founder of Miyagi Fitness

“In under 12-months, I went from a burnt out trainer ready to quit the industry, to having a team of trainers delivering over 200hrs of PT per week. I now have more freedom, income and the ability to help so many more people. My fire and passion are back bigger than ever.”

About “The Six-Figure And Beyond Blueprint Consult”

Hi, it’s Jason Urbanowicz and Brad Sheppard here, and ten years ago we started Create PT Wealth to offer Coaching for Fitness Professionals. Since then, we have worked closely with thousands of Personal Trainers to help them dramatically grow their businesses.
Every year, our team works with over 100 people in our Business Coaching & Internship Programs.
Most clients who get in stay for at least 2.5 years. So this means that the number of new clients we take on is reduced.

But… if this page is online right now, then we have spots that have opened up. This is why we are making a limited amount of Blueprint Sessions available right now. So you will have a small window of opportunity to secure one of these spots. Let me explain how it works (and what’s in it for YOU!)

If you are an action taker and don’t want to wait, then you can enroll now in a Business Blueprint Consult. The fee is $297 and our promise is that we will deliver over 10 times that value to you!

To get yourself into the ‘Business Blueprint Session’, this is what you need to do:

Here Are The Steps:

1. Click on the button (below) to take the first step
2. You will complete your current “Buisness Analysis” (we supply the doc’s for this).
3. We will organise a suitable time for the consult.
4. The Business Blueprint Consult runs for around 60 minutes, but we ask you to keep 90 mins free!

Once we get to the Blueprint Consult, we’ll focus on 5 things:

Only 10 Spots Available

You Could Literally Be Just A Few Small Tweaks Away From DOUBLING, TRIPLING, or MORE in your businessbut do you know which tweaks you need to make?

Behind The Scenes Of Our Closed Doors Internship Workshops…

Let’s face it, running your own business can be the loneliest job in the world. Most people can’t relate to you or the goals you are trying to achieve. When it’s only you in your business, who can you go to for the correct advice or support?

When it’s only you working in your business, it can feel like you are trying to juggle so many balls and it can become stressful, confusing and challenging to move forward.

Having an Inner Circle or Mastermind Group along with your own Personal Coach ensures you put yourself in the best position for Ultimate Success.

Check Out These Results From Other

‘Create PT Wealth Clients’

Who Already Took The Leap Of Faith And Joined Us…

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How Phil was able to start earning passive income as a rent based PT.

Tim Went After His Dreams And Achieved These Results…

Tim attended one of our Two-Day workshops about 4 years ago. At that time, his business was making $22,000 per year. He was working on constructions sites full-time whilst doing PT on the side.

Where is Tim now? Watch this short video to find out what changed for Tim after just 2 years on our Internship Program. Fast forward the clock another 2 years again and he has blown these results out of the water.

Have you been thinking about taking your business to the next level? Maybe it’s time to stop thinking and be like Tim… just start and take this first step.

If you’d like to achieve results like Tim has – you better go apply NOW (cause spots will go fast once again…) 

Here’s A Quick (Partial) Bio Of Brad Sheppard And Jason Urbanowicz

Brad & Jason first started in the Fitness Industry over 21 years ago now. Brad built up a team of 13 trainers doing over 200hrs of PT per week and was Australia’s highest paid personal trainer at $440 per session.

Similarly, Jason had also built up a team of trainers doing over 200 hours of PT per week. Jason also went on to help build up a Personal Development Company that he was a partner in which made in excess of 6 million per year.

: They are both best-selling authors

: Own the most successful coaching company for personal trainers

: Sought after presenters for the fitness industry

: Writers for top health and fitness magazines

: And have helped tens of thousands of Fit Pro’s to grow a Six-Figure and Beyond business.

Money Or Excuses?

People in life, they can have one of two things. They can either have money or they can have excuses (you might know a few people that are full of excuses).

That’s it, okay. And so right now you’ve got two options.

Option ONE is you can sign up for a Business Blueprint Consult NOW and take the fast track to success in your fitness business.


Option No. 2, you can come up with some excuse, why you couldn’t afford it, why you couldn’t do it this time or why you don’t have enough time… whatever your excuse is today.

That’s fine. But the reality is you can’t have both.

You can have money or excuses and you’ve got to decide right now which one you want.

I don’t know about you but I’d rather have money.

And so that’s why you need to go and invest in the Business Blueprint Consult NOW!