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Real Life Results That Our Clients Are Achieving On The Create PT Wealth Business Coaching And Internship Programs…
Shane Da Costa – Miyagi

“$100,000 Revenue Per Month Underneath The Roof Of Fitness First -All This Was Possible Because Of The Business Coaching From CPTW”

Victoria Loney – VL Fitness

“I Have Gone From 45 Sessions / Week For $1,300 To 8 Sessions / Week At $3,000 – I Directly Correlate My Success From Being On The Internship Program”

Eman Marquez – Elite Movers

“I Have A Team Of 3 PT’s, Make $6,000 / Week And I Don’t Do Any PT Sessions Anymore – CPTW Helped Me To Set Up Systems That Are Proven”

Jess Sullivan – F45

“Create PT Wealth Helped Me Grow My F45 From 244 Members To 308 Members Which Represents A Weekly Increase Of $4,541 – Just Bought My 2nd Location”

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One Of Sydney’s Best PT’s Rhys Brooks Talks About The Create PT Wealth Internship
“I Had No Idea Where To Start Or What To Do”. How To Start A PT Business From Nothing!
“In Just 24 Months Have Gone From $500 / Week to $6,100 / Week!”
Has A Team Of 5 Personal Trainers Doing Over 80 Sessions Per Week!
“From Zero Clients To Earning Over $2,500 / week In 6 Months Following CPTW Systems”
From $1.2K / Week To Over $3K / Week – Semi Private PT Model For Perth Fitness Pro.
Over $100,000 / Month Following CPTW’s Business Coaching Internship Program”
“I Needed A Solution So I Could Make Over $100,000 / Year Without Burning Myself Out”
6 Figure Mobile PT Business That Runs Whilst Travelling The World For 4 Months!
Ethan Weston – East To West

“I Have Gone From $2,200 / Week To $3,500 / Week – CPTW Have Provided The Systems, Structure, Support And Accountability To Succeed In Business”

Hayley Beckett – Ab’s On Fitness

“I Was Coached By CPTW For 5 Years, And I Went From $30k / Year Solo To $13K / Week With A Team Of 10 PT’s – This Enabled Me To Open My 2nd Location”

Phil Kolaric – Phil The Fatburner

“I Built My Semi-Private PT Model Underneath The Roof Of Goodlife And With The Help from CPTW Have Increased My Income To Over $3,500 / Week”

Trudy Dawson – Resultz PT

“I Was Your Typical ‘Tired And Weary’ PT And After 5 Months, I Was Earning Over $250K / Year With More Time – This Enabled Me To Purchase 2 Brand New BMW’s”

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“Just Hit Our First $10K Week! I Recommend Create PT Wealth 100% For Any Fitness Pro”
Profit Increase Of $600 / Week And Being Part Of An Amazing Group Of Like-minded PT’s!
“I Went From 45hrs / Week To Having A Team Of 10 PT’s Under The Roof Of Goodlife”
The Impact CPTW’s Internship Program Has On Both Business And Personal Development.
“Following The Coaching Advice And Systems, I Have Grown From $3K to $4.5K / Week”
“Since Working With CPTW, I Have Increased My Income From $720 / Week To $1,600 / Week”
“We Earn More Than $18,000 / Month So Money Is No Longer An Issue”
“In 4 Months I Went From $500 / Week To $5,000 / Week With A Team Of 7 PT’s In My Studio”
Kris Built Australia’s Largest PT Company With 40 PT’s And Hit A $300,000 Monthly Turnover!
Create PT Wealth