Watch Create PT Wealth’s insightful YouTube clip about using email newsletters to boost your personal training business:

Email newsletters for personal training business success

Strategy number 1 on getting your information out there: email newsletters is something that you need to be doing!

There are so many different programs and processes out there but the one that we are recommending to you in terms of signing up to, is one called Aweber. It’s very easy to use, it has low entry costs, and you can set up a whole bunch of stuff on that.

You can set up your regular email newsletters that will go out at regular intervals, let’s say once a fortnight, once every three weeks, or once a month, so you’re constantly connecting with people. Plus you can set up your auto responders.

Use pre-loaded email sequences

Now remember, auto responders are email sequences that are pre-loaded. So what that means is when someone signs up to receive your newsletters, or you enter someone’s information, they will receive email number one. And then whenever you’ve set up the sequence, let’s say three says later, the client will receive email number two. And then a week later they might receive email number three. And it goes on and one and on. You can upload as many of those as you want. Now the good bit about that is that when the next person comes on your list, let’s say they join two weeks later, they’ll get email number one. And then three days later they’ll get email number two. So that’s how the auto responder sequence works.

So get yourself an email newsletter. Get it sorted!

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