Twenty-two new clients, an increase of over three thousand dollars for the month from one of our Create PT Wealth clients.

Now, whenever someone hears that type of result, the first question normally is “How did you do it?”. Just like when someone who has lost a great amount of weight, twenty, thirty kilos, whatever it may be, someone in a similar position who would like to lose that kind of weight, is the first response is “How did you do it?”.

And the reason I started by talking about this particular client that got this result because my question wasn’t so much how do you do it, I said, “What was the turning point for you that enabled you to do that?”

So, when we see people achieve things, normally the question is “How did you do it?” The better question, in my opinion is: “What did it take? What was the turning point? What was it that really got you that result? Because how you did it, you know, is there information out there about how to increase your sale, is there information about how to get more leads, how to generate leads on Facebook.

There’s a bazillion bits of so-called experts in information out there that you can study and research. How much information out there and trainers out there are there about how to lose weight, get in shape. There’s a million bits of information so, if it’s just about the information, you’d be right but that’s not the case.

So why is it that some people get the results that they want, other people don’t? Even though they got the same information and knowledge. So, my question to her was “What was the turning point? What enabled you to be how to get this result?”

Knowing this person’s situation, that has only been on the program for a very short time and her response to me was number one, my mindset. She said I really looked at the things that you guys are talking about and I understood that concept. if it was just about the knowledge, then I would’ve achieved it probably already because I have gone and get the knowledge on how to increase sales and I had a market from pretty much anywhere and I said, “Yep, I agree” Because, hey, at the end of the day if you believe you can’t do it, that’s gonna be the result that you’re gonna get. If you believe you can do it, then you’re halfway there and never in between.

So, what I say was like “What part of that mindset did you need to shift?” and she said, well, I looked at the goals and targets that I wanted to achieve in life, we teach you that at a two-day workshop, the process of going, what’s the emotional response when you hit that target or goal. Then if it doesn’t line up with your internal response isn’t what matches up with what you said then we’ve got some work to do and that’s why we spend time at create PT wealth removing those mental blockages that does really hold you back, even though our clients know what it is they need to put in to place so it’s very important that part first. So, she was smart because what she did was she identified the part she knew was truly holding her back and that was starting with the mindset.

Now a lot of the times the temptation in our society is to go out and get more information, more qualifications. It’s core now that that would approach to success rather than stopping and going within and going “What are my actual true beliefs about being successful in business, about earning this proper money that I wanna earn, about converting more sales?”, “What is it?” Because if the response is: “I failed high school”, “I’m not smart enough”, “I’m not good enough”, “I don’t like selling”, “I don’t like being in sales” If any of that is going on internally, the chances of you being successful and reaching those goals is very limited.

It’s like for many years when I worked in the psychology or personal development field, you know, I hear people go “I want more money.”, “I want better relationships.”  but the reality was that their track record says something entirely different so I could go and give them the information, give them the training, here’s how you make more money, here’s how you do it on the stock market, whatever it may be, go and read this. But if they hadn’t changed their internal belief structure in programs about being successful in their area then what you feel is a lot of resistance. You feel like it’s hard work. You don’t feel like you’re in the flow.

And so, the way that you know that you’re more in line or on track to reach your goals and targets is that you feel a difference internally. You’ve had an emotional shift; your beliefs have shift. That’s the part that we really need to address upfront, in my opinion.

So, my biggest beef in the personal development industry is that set ‘the vision board, set the goals or that’ or what we wanna do. The reason we set these goals and targets in the first place is to look at the emotional response that comes up when we do set up as I just spoke about and we need to stop and we need to really analyze. “Okay, when i look at this goal or target, what’s my emotional response?”

No different than a client that comes to you and says “Right, I wanna lose ten kilos, twenty kilos…” or whatever it may be stopping and going okay now that you’ve set that goal what is your honest emotional response right here, right now.

“What is this inner self talk that comes up?” Now if it’s not anything that’s totally one hundred percent in line with that goal, chances are self-sabotage is just around the corner. So, there was a first part that she said she addressed and using the tools and resources that we gave and she was out to take care of that.

The next part is when she said I just had to increase my skill set in sales get more confident she said that’s one of the main reasons I joined the program, is to get that education, to get that more experience in sales and again there’s a lot of information out there about sales, a lot of ways that you can do it, embrace it, learn it she said but I wanted to really get the approach that you guys use, being from the industry and you know what works and so there’s two parts here that I’ve pointed out already. If you’re not getting the results that you want in your life like this particular person was before who joined the program then you need to address it, “Is it my internal beliefs and mindset that need to be realigned?”

Second set is the skill set. The reality is, it’s all good and well to have a positive mindset, get that part sorted but you’re gonna need the skill set. So smart enough that she was there to go and educate herself and get better at the sales process that gave her more confidence and her conversion rate went through the roof and that’s how she enabled herself to convert twenty-two new people in to her group training programs as a result of that, additional three thousand, seven to three thousand dollars per month.

Now the main message that I wanna get at here is, as well as that if you’re putting up results that are less than what you want then it’s time to take some action. You know, like so often I hear, “I’d love to do some of your programs. I love to get work help from somebody else I’ll just wait ‘til things turn around.”

Well, how’s that working out for you? Because every day, every week that goes past you’re not addressing it and you’re not sure how to fix it, it’s costing you a fortune.

So, in this case the ability to get the help, get the support, change the mindset, work on that, improve your skill set was the real key to the turnaround, the real solution and if you’re sitting there hoping things are just gonna change by themselves, that’s just crazy!

So, we need to sit down, we need to stop, we need to address the areas in your business or your life if it’s not working, let’s just focus on business here and go what are they? What do I need to review? Is it my mindset when I look and think about sales or do a marketing it is my mindset in line with what I wanna achieve? If not, I’ve got some work to do in that area.

Next is like the reality is, I spend very little time educating myself in that area so I shouldn’t be surprised that my conversion rate is very poor. I wing it, you know, some days a month, some days I’m not so I don’t have a predictable way to do it. Now that is very risky. That’s a very risky approach running your business. You’re walking a tight rope because you’re not relying proper proven methods, techniques, ability you’re just hoping and it’s called the “Hope Plan”.

So really to encourage you that if your business isn’t operating where it is even if you think that it’s okay but you’re on cruise control and you wanna increase it then there’s an opportunity to rise above that and I really encourage you. It doesn’t have to be, ask anyone that you have a connection with, if you’re not getting any results, you won’t go and get help because the reality is, it does cost you a lot for every day, every week of every year that you don’t address these issues.

My analogy is that is just like getting someone getting a cut on their leg and they go “Ah, it’s just a cut no big deal today.” and no big deal today is what it is. Don’t address it, gets infected that’s more cut now it’s get infected a part where it’s gangrene and needs to be amputated so what wasn’t a big deal today not treated, not addressed, left lying has big consequences down the track so we can switch off and ignore it and look at it.

So, point today, take some form of action, take some time today to stop, look at the areas that aren’t working and ask yourself some better questions and that’s really “What it is how do I change?” “Who do I know is doing better? (doing better who can I ask?) “Who can I reach out to?” (who can I just) take that one small step to inquire. You know when you’re running business you’re wearing different hats and you’re trying to do everything at the same time, be the technician, be the marketer, the admin. You know you really got to surround yourself and expand your circle that can help guide you, educate you and develop and grow to the next level

I hope those tips have been of use. I hope you’ve taken one small thing away. I hope it’s resonated with you at some shape or form and again, if you need some help you need just inquire, pick up the phone message us through Facebook here, message us below. We’re just happy to get on a phone call, chat, see what your current situation is, see if we can offer some help.

Alright, I hope you’ve had a great week so far and I look forward to our new, next live video really soon.