Following on from our previous two business tips, the third video in this series looks at videos for personal trainers, for you to use as a format to communicate with your clients and add value to your PT business.

This is strategy number 3 in communicating your message to your clients. We spoke about email newsletters, we spoke about writing articles. Now I’m going to tell you that video is the go. Just like this video, you can set up a video camera anywhere. If you’ve got an iPhone, you can record the video on your iPhone right here, right now.

Some people tell me that they’re not that good in front of a camera, or they don’t like watching themselves on video, and all that sort of stuff. I’m here to tell you that once you’ve done it once or twice then it’s just going to flow off your tongue. The question I’ve got for you is: could you teach someone how to exercise in the gym? And I bet you the answer to that will be ‘Yes!’ My second question is: could you teach that same exercise while it’s being videoed? And I’m sure the answer to that is also ‘Yes!’ And there you go. That’s the easiest way I can think of to set up your video information. Go into the gym, pick an exercise that you love, and teach it to the camera. You can go through a whole range of exercises and that’s going to set up so many different forms of contact for your email newsletters and for information that you can freely give away to clients.

On another level, you might want to put all that information together and package it as some kind of program and sell it. Why not? There are so many opportunities with what you can do.