“I Have a Team Of 3 PT’s, Make $5K / Week And I Don’t Do Any PT Sessions Anymore”!

I started off in the industry strong and rushed from 0 – 50 sessions within 6 weeks.

I didn’t know this would cause me to spend 60+ hours per week IN the business. I’d almost had enough of the industry, was starting to burnout and I had only been working as a PT for less than 6 months!

I needed a solution that would still allow me to earn 6 figures and at the same time reduce my hands on hours. Fast forward 2 years, I have a team of 3 trainers, we turnover $5K worth of PT sessions per week, and the best part is that I personally don’t conduct PT sessions myself anymore.

I now love running my successful PT business! CPTW help me set up systems that are proven. With powerful systems like these, your business escalates to new heights with ease!

Emmanuel Marquez, 0422-022-966, Elite Movers PT, Plus Fitness Epping Sydney

“An Increase Of $1,300 / Week Into My PT Business”

Since starting with Create PT Wealth, I have moved my PT business to a new gym and have increased my income from $2,200 per week to $3,500 per week.

CPTW have really taught me the many ways to succeed in business, including the systems, structure and accountability.

Ethan Weston – 0423-175-087, East To West Fitness – Melbourne

“25,000 Per Week Of Revenue”

When I started with CPTW, I was a standalone PT servicing about 45-50 sessions a week.

Within 12 months, I had built up 8 team members, we were servicing about 220- 240 sessions a week that was generating $25k a week gross revenue. My goal in the next 12 months is to get it to 15 employees and $60k a week gross revenue!

This was all possible because of the inspiration from CPTW and the AMAZING team.

Shane Da Costa – Create PT Wealth’s 7 Figure Club, Miyagi Fitness – Bond St, Fitness First, Sydney

“36 New Members In Just 2.5 Months Since We Joined”

Since the very first phone conversation, I have experienced huge benefits from having the accountability, support and guidance of the Create PT Wealth team.

I had been open for 15 months, business was good, but we wanted GREAT! It was time to take it to the next level.

In less than 3 months, we have grown from 244 members to 280. Exceeding every stretch goal we set. Our systems have improved, we work smarter rather than harder. This equates to well over $2,000 / week of increased revenue!

In this short time, we have implemented improvements right across our marketing, sales, reporting and management and I am loving every part of being accountable to getting stuff done!

This is only the beginning! We have big things to come…. so watch this space!

A huge thanks to Brad and the whole Create PT Wealth system and team!

Jess Sullivan – 0402-394-437, F45 Training at Woolloomooloo

“I Have Gone From 45 sessions Per Week for $1,300 to 8 Sessions Per Week And $3,000”!

Before starting the CPTW program, I was doing OK but I had zero direction and business systems and was stuck in the grind of doing session after session.

To say burn out was approaching was an understatement. I had gone far beyond that, I was completely exhausted doing 40 – 50 sessions a week with no holidays for three years straight!

Now, three years into the program I have been able to achieve the following;
• Increase my charge out rate from $50 per session to $150 per session by creating a semi private training model.
• Drastically reduce my PT hrs. I now average 7 – 8 sessions per week!
• Create passive income and leverage myself by bringing on my first trainer
• Increase my business turn over from average $1,200 – $1500 per week to $2,900 – $3,200 per week.

I directly correlate the success I’m having by being on the CPTW Internship Program. I would not have been able to achieve any of this without the help of Brad, Jason and my coach Lauren.

Victoria Loney – 0481-257-720, VL Fitness Essentials – Perth

“I Took A Loan To Pay For My CPTW Program And Paid That Off In Less Than 3 Months”

My PT Business was run really casually with $1,500 / week income with lots of cancels and cash based clients. It was a mess!

I took a loan to pay for the CPTW program and within two months I had upped income to 3.2k per week with 90% on direct debit. It enabled me to pay off my Loan in less then three months!

I could not recommend Create PT Wealth enough. Brad and Jason are priceless. The motivation and drive they bring isn’t just what they offer… The systems and structures I’ve used to build my business worked from day one. I work with coach Michael and the info he’s give me from his experience has proven invaluable.

My initial goal was to bring my business to $200K per year by the first year. I knew I had the PT knowledge and sales skills, I just needed the drive and systems the CPTW team offer. Within 6 months, and sitting on $180K per annum and having to reassess my goals moving forward as I have gone well above and beyond what I had expected! No better problem to have!

Cheers to the whole Create PT Wealth team!

From the constant motivation from head office girls to the one on coaching, it’s the best program!

Ryan Dodd – 0401-413-790, Ryno Health & Fitness

“Gone From Solo PT To Having a Team of 10 PT’s!”

I stated doing 40-45hrs of Personal Training per week, and was totally burnt out and my time was capped and I had no idea how I could increase my income without increasing my hours or workload – after attending the 2-Day Business Bootcamp, I knew that this we the program for me to create the massive shift in mindset and the addition of systems that my business needed.

I have now gone from being a solo PT to having a team of 10 trainers, running some of the largest bootcamps that Geelong has ever seen along with a massive increase in income. I am so happy that I joined the CPTW program and worked with the best in the business.

Michael Platt “Platty” — 0401-087-828, Platform For Fitness, Geelong

“Joining The Create PT Wealth Program Is The Best Thing We Have Done In Our Whole Life!”

We spent 2 years on the Create PT Wealth program, and in that time have been able to not only remove myself from full time employment, but also build a successful business hiring great team members. We were able to achieve over 100hrs / week of PT for our team, and since then have now doubled our income and reduced our hands on hours. Our achievements have earned us the CPTW 2013 Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and we have had the privilege to work with some great coaches, and also get around other like-minded fitness entrepreneurs from around the country. Joining the Create PT Wealth program is the best thing we have done in our whole life, up until this point! Create PT Wealth has taught us the skills, the techniques and tactics on how to get more clients and leads than we would have ever imagined!

If you want to have the success and lifestyle, then make sure you get yourself to the Create PT Wealth 2 Day Business Bootcamp, and then join the ongoing Coaching and Mentoring Programs, it will be the best decision you could ever make!

Amy Rich 0403-142-248 & Leigh Smith 0403-645-209, Stronghold Fitness – Taylors Lakes, Victoria

“We Make More Than $10,000 / week With Our Bootcamp Business!”

The team at Create PT Wealth have “been there and done it before” so any problem I encounter, I know that there is a solution, it is already systemised and I can implement it straight into my business I have also been able to build a great team of PT’s so the majority of my income comes in a passive way and doesn’t require me to do all of the work.

Based on the education I have received, I have now launched my bootcamp licence model, selling territories and business opportunities to other fitness professionals. I spent 2 years on the create PT Wealth Internship program and can’t recommend this program and the support you will receive highly enough!

“An Increase Of $3,200 / Week After Only 4 Months On The Program!!”

Before joining Create PT Wealth I had 55 members with a weekly income of $1,800. My first 3 month goals was to have 80 clients with a weekly income of $4,000. In just 4 months of being on the Internship I now have 85 members with a weekly income of $5,000! Thanks to Create PT Wealth I was able to increase my membership price as well as putting systems in place to help not only run my business more efficiently, but also attract more leads into members. I am on track to achieve my monthly and eventually yearly goals.

Tulsa Taupo — 0403147288, CrossFit Staunch

“From Zero Dollars Online To Now Making $20,000 / Month Online!”

When I jumped on board the Create PT Wealth Internship program just 9 months ago my goal was to make passive income online and start to remover myself from 1-on-1 Personal Training. Back then I was making zero dollars online, and now thanks to the Create PT Wealth systems and coaching program, I am now making $20,000 purely online each month. I have also completely stopped Personal Training clients and I couldn’t be happier! I would recommend this program for anyone that wants to get passive income and remove themselves from the day to day grind.

Chris Bridger — 0401-179-915, www.cleaneatingmealplan.com.au

“Struggling at $300/ week to now earning $1,500+/week”

I began my career as a PT and landed a training position at a commercial gym. As the weeks passed and rent increased, I soon realised that things were going to be harder than I thought.

I was taking home about $300 per week and was barely clearing rent. I stumbled across Create PT Wealth on Facebook, and attended my first seminar in Melbourne where instantly I felt such an awesome vibe from Brad and Jason. After my second seminar, I decided to jump on board their internship program, and have never looked back.

Since that time, I have switched to an Anytime Fitness gym. I initially began there as an employee, but hated the idea of a capped income. I proposed the idea of becoming a contractor to the gym owner, and within 4 months my income has increased to upwards of $1,500 per week, I’m maintaining 38 sessions per week, and am preparing to hire my first trainer. I would never have been able to do this without the help of Create PT Wealth. The knowledge I’ve gained and the systems I’ve learnt to implement have been an immense help, and I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t joined the CPTW program.

Olivia Diramacca — 0417 933 704, Paramount Fitness, Wangaratta

“Today is a great day. It marks the achievement of a major goal of mine not just for 2018 but since joining CPTW.”

When I started, my major goal wasn’t money, it was time. I was happy with what I was earning, but killing myself with the hours I was doing. One thing that I was truly unhappy about was the fact that my now 3-year-old son & I wouldn’t see each other on Mondays, Tuesdays or Thursdays because I would leave before he woke up & return after he was fast asleep. On these days (3 out of 7) I basically didn’t exist to him, which means that almost 50% of his life, I haven’t existed!

But today is the first Monday of many to come that I am finishing at the gym at 5:30 pm & heading home to not only see him but I get to sit down at the dining table & have dinner with him & my wife.

On top of this, despite still having some strong financial targets, I am also finishing an hour earlier on the rest of my work days. Instead of this impacting my income, it has actually increased! One of the big things that I have gotten out of the CPTW program is that we are the masters of our own destiny. We need to take control & start leading our lives, rather than our lives leading us! Whatever you want you can have it… so go for it!

Robert Denmark — 0406771436

“$250 / Week to $5000 / Week!”

I was earning $250 / week when I started the Create PT Wealth internship program, and at that time opened a PT Studio. 4 months later, I have a team of 7 personal trainers and I am making $250,000 / year! I can’t recommend Create PT Wealth highly enough!

Adam Grono, 0402 242 251, Bee Active Personal Training, Concord, Sydney

“3 Years On The Program And Making More Than $10,000 / Week”

I couldn’t believe it. I was wrapped in the first 12 months on the Create PT Wealth Internship program when I went from earning $60,000 per year to making $120,000 / year, however I wasn’t expecting what was coming next…During the 2nd year on the program my business grew hitting the $4K / week mark! The journey has been amazing as it seems to have all come together. 3 years down the track, I now have a team of 10, haven removed myself from needing to conduct any personal training, yet my business turns over in excess of $10,000 / week!

Thanks Create PT Wealth for giving me the continued support I need as my business grows, grows and grows!

Hayley Beckett – 0466 631 556, Abs On Fitness Kalamunda, Perth, Western Australia

“In Just 24 Months Have Gone From $500 / Week To $6,100 / Week!”

In just 24 months 4 U Body Fitness has gone from a one man band, being a part time personal training with a weekly income of only $500 per week to a team of 6 Mobile personal trainers covering more than 10 suburbs and now doing 90 sessions a week with an average weekly income of $6100 Most importantly though I have developed the personal and business skills to create a lifestyle that I choose and that in itself is priceless!

“2 Brand New BMW’s”

When I met Jason, just 5 months ago, I was your typical “tired and weary” personal trainer working around the clock for not much money… Now, after only 5 months, I am earning over $250,000 per year and I just bought 2 brand new BMW’s! 5 months earlier I thought I was just a personal trainer.

Trudy Dawson, Resultz Personal Training

“Ten Grand Profit Per Month”

I have been working with Jason and Create PT Wealth for 1 year and what a year it has been.

I have gone from losing around $15-20k a month to now being in profit of around $10k per month!!

I was very skeptical about joining another coaching program but the one on one attention I got from Jason and the weekly email and strategies they gave me have proven to be the key to my success.

I am about to launch my 2nd venue which is 3x the size of my current venue in the next 4 weeks then heading off to climb to base camp in Mt Everest for 22 days.

If you are an action taker and someone who is willing to put in the time and plug in the strategies and marketing themes they give you, you simply cannot lose!

So if you are sitting on the fence, take the leap, I have never looked back since and would highly recommend working with the guys.

If you want real results in less than 12 months and you want to work with down to earth guys who tell it how it is, then look no further.

Thanks again Jason for everything you and you team has done for me and my 3 kids, the future looks amazing and I am so pumped for every new adventure to come!!

Adam Mackenzie – 0400 282 967, Higher Level Fitness
Cheltenham, Victoria

“I Was $12,000 In Debt Each Month!”

When I first met Create PT Wealth, I was $12,000 in debt each month and in fear of my fitness business going under! In under 6-months I was out of debt & my business was back on track. Using the Create PT Wealth coaching & systems my business is now on track to do over $300k this year.

Marc Rovere – 0411 232 551, Everliv Fitness
Yarrambat, Victoria

“$60,000 / Month – I Earn More In One Month, Than Most PT’s Earn In One Year!”

Only 3 years ago, I was just your average personal trainer, busting my balls each week to do a huge number of PT sessions! Although I was enjoying what I was doing, and I was able to acquire clients, I was literally burnt out when I was hitting over 55 PT sessions / week! What can I say, in just 3 short years, I have been able to fully remove myself from doing the grunt work in my PT business, I invested in the best coaches and mentors at Create PT Wealth to show me how it was possible to build a successful business, grow a team of PT’s and sales and support staff. I have learned to negotiate business deals to set up my financial future, and I can honestly say that it’s the team at Create PT Wealth who have showed me the way to make this a reality.

My suggestion to you, is to get on the Create PT Wealth Internship program ASAP to watch your business, income and lifestyle skyrocket!

Kris Cochrane – 0418 386 295, www.RapidPT.com.au

“Changed My Life”

Create PT Wealth has changed my life – without their training systems in places, my business would surely have just floated along or failed; instead it is thriving! My income doubled in the first six months and I am building a team of PTs which earns me Passive Income!

I highly recommend every personal trainer invest themselves in this amazing program!

Peter Prouse, 0427 622 309, Ryze Personal Training