Hot PT Business Tips and Trends for 2014

With social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, people are being inundated with opportunities and information every day. How do you make sure the videos, posts and tweets you make will be in line with the message you want to deliver to your target market?

This series of articles focuses on “Tips and Trends in Social Media and Business for 2014”.

Create a Strategic Plan…

We talked about the elements of a Strategic Marketing Paln for social media.

We added a “Special Offers Brainstorming Worksheet” to help you come up with offers for your social media optimization plan. We talked about the need for Social Media Optimization in this article.

Create PT Wealth Tips and Trends for 2014

As a part of your Strategy Planning, determine what it is that you want to tell about yourself. What is the story you want to promote about your PT business?

Once you are clear on your story, consider how and when you want to communicate. Do you want to update your PT clients every day? Every week? Are they predominantly online or maybe an emailed newsletter would hit your market more effectively?

Trend…. Story Telling has become a priority!

Create PT Wealth Tips and Trends for 2014
Using social media to promote your fitness business is a great strategy with many channels for sharing what’s happening at your next training event, announcing upcoming special bootcamp sessions or launching new fitness products.

In order to talk with your PT clients via the social media avenues that they prefer, you will need to know where your target audience is; you can use Twitter to let current clients know some spots are still open at today’s kettlebell session.

Or, you can use facebook to access potential personal training clients by sharing success stories and putting motivational images or posters up as posts. Put a series of images up on instagram to share a more personal look at you and your PT business.


You want to start a conversation with your fitness clients and the community around you. Social networking is about two people having a conversation, and with certain social media sits you can have a conversation with several people.

The conversation needs to be real. Be honest. Engage with people, share who you are and what drives you, makes you the person you are.

If you see a saying or motto that inspires you, share it, it may inspire someone else, and they will share it. Suddenly your motivational image is going around the clouds and you are getting free traction with your target market!
Create PT Wealth Tips and Trends 2014

Tell the story with YouTube…

Consider creating a short 2-3 minute video on YouTube to showcase yourself and what you have to offer as a specialised personal training service. Don’t be afraid to go all out, be quirky, outrageous, push yourself to make something people want to share. Do have a laugh at yourself!

You can use multiple forms of media to tell your story, mixing power point slides and images, short video clips is a really effective way of getting a lot of information across in a short amount of time.


Don’t link your facebook and twitter accounts to cross post.

Be respectful of others

Don’t know how to do a video? You can hire someone to do a video for you on to help you out.. Make sure you know what you want to say, have a logo available if you have one – if not you can get someone to create one for you.

We will be continuing our look at Trends and Tips for PT Businesses for 2014.

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