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How to Get Good Reviews Online

Online reviews can be a blessing or a curse to your PT business. The online review is classic word of mouth taken to a whole new level. There is a wide array of websites that allow customers to write reviews. Some platforms, like Facebook and Twitter are magnets for personal reviews and opinions.

After trying your personal training services or fitness/health related products, customers can tell others about you on one of these sites. Reviews on the Internet can reach a huge audience, so it’s very important that what’s written in the reviews is positive and accurate, and that if it is negative that the issue is dealt with quickly.

You don’t have any control over what customers write about you. However, if you get enough good reviews, a few bad ones will hardly be noticed.

Quality Products and Services

Offer the best fitness products and personal training/coaching services possible and follow it up with excellent customer service. This is where many PT businesses fail. They ignore customer feedback about their coaching services and don’t respond quickly enough when there are problems. If you make your clients happy and try your best to deliver what they want, you will earn great reviews.

Ask for Online Reviews

If you offer good health and fitness products and personal training services that genuinely help your clients, you do’t have to twist their arms to get good reviews. All you need to do is ask. Yep, it is a easy as that!

Right after they’ve enjoyed your product or service, gently remind customers that good reviews help your PT business grow and continue providing these products. Most customers will leave a review if asked politely.

Make it as easy as possible for people to leave reviews, and you’ll receive more and more. Give customers the URL to your Facebook page or your Twitter account, where they can write their comments. If you’re interacting with customers online, give them a clickable link. If you’re offline, consider using QR codes. These are 3D barcodes that customers can scan with their mobile devices and be directed straight to the review site.

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Offer Incentives

Many fitness coaching businesses include reviews in their customer loyalty strategies. If you’re not getting as many good reviews as you’d like, offer your PT clients an incentive. Make sure they understand that they don’t have to say good things; they only have to leave you feedback.

Offer a freebie, coupon, discount, or extra service first and let customers know it’s no-strings-attached. You may take a loss – they may not write a review – but if they don’t feel forced, they will be more likely to do it.

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Boost Your Online Presence

Especially for your under-30 personal training clients, this engagement will go a long way in building loyalty and encouraging them to interact with you, which includes leaving reviews.

Quick and Efficient Damage Control

Respond to negative reviews quickly. Negative reviews don’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. They offer you an opportunity to show people that you care about customer service. Ask the reviewer about his or her bad experience and offer ways you could help fix the issue, such as offering a free replacement program, a bundle of workouts or a refund. Bend over backwards, not to save face, but to make the client happy. Others will see this and think more highly of you.

Get into a Routine

Getting good reviews is a numbers game. The more proactive you are in seeking feedback, the more feedback you’ll get. Make it part of your regular sales process and daily routine to get customer feedback wherever possible.

Feedback can also occur in a natural manner when sharing videos of workouts and bootcamp days. The PT clients that participate in these events can be encouraged to go to your page and like the event, the pictures and make comments, share their stories.

This will get momentum behind your personal training events and reach potential clients via your current client’s news feeds. It’s a win win win!

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