Create PT Wealth Tips and Trends for 2014

How can you take advantage of mobile devices to grow your client pool and increase your profits? What about reaching a crowd at the last minute and filling up empty spots in your next class? That would be great wouldn’t it?! Here are a few ideas you can use to make sure your PT Business is a success in 2014.

Workout Happy Hours

Create PT Wealth Tips and Trends 2014

The use of technology like booking software that can be accessed via mobile devices will be expected in 2014. Previously most people had mobile phones, but not everyone had a smart phone. But these devices have become more available and affordable. Make sure your website is mobile friendly, or “Responsive”, to the device it is being viewed on. If you don’t have a website, consider creating a Facebook fan page. People will want to see who you are. It’s all a part of the social engagement and networking activities small business need to engage in.

From spin gyms to running stores and bootcamps, fitness businesses are ramping up their social game, offering online networking, post-workout raffles, food, and drinks. Some gyms and specialized fitness companies are using Twitter to communicate with the clients who have signed up for a particular fitness session and send messages such as a reminder to book their bikes for spin classes. Create PT Wealth Tips and Trends 2014

Make certain times “Special Happy Hour” classes, communicate the date and times via Twitter and Facebook to get some crowd sharing happening. This will help expose your PT business to a larger audience and make it easier to expand into new territories.

Mobile Heart rates…

Your clients will be more involved with their workout if they see and hear the results of a routine. This can help you monitor your PT client’s exertion levels to change programs to better fit their goals.They can also help you assess the needs of their bodies, are they ill, or dehydrated? Working to hard or too easy?

You can encourage them with messages after their session to keep the good feeling buzz going, about their workout and your coaching! Ask them to share their success stories on Facebook

Another trend… Apps

There is software available for tracking client’s workouts and fitness levels. This information can be shared with the client easily, helping to make them feel more involved in their workout. It also helps keep them engaged with you as their fitness trainer.

Some apps (applications for smart phones) make keeping track of client information easy from iphones or android devices. This sort of app can be helpful to your business as a time saver for you, creating less paperwork and freeing up more time for training your PT clients. It won’t matter where you are training, how many you train, you can track it easily.

Can you think of a PT client or a particular exercise program that would make a great case study you can share with your personal training clients? Develop a well planned content marketing strategy and include a “white paper” or maybe even a “white video” showcasing what made this client different (with their permission of course), or why this exercise program is the one with a difference. This can be done with a limited budget and has proven to be successful with other small local businesses. Then share the case study on your website. If you don’t have a website post it on your Facebook page in the Notes section and share about it. make sure to respond if people comment and share their stories with you.

Mobile Traffic to your door!

As mentioned above your website or advertising site needs to be optimized and readable from mobile devices.28% of website traffic now comes from mobile devices, and that number is predicted to grow in 2014.

And, it’s not enough to just have a “Responsive” website, look into mobile centric marketing strategies. Mobile Geo-targeting advertising methods Create PT Wealth Tips and Trends 2014(this allows you to send relevant messages to your PT clients based on their locality) are increasingly delivering more customers to local businesses, and your personal training business is one of those that can benefit. Geo-Targeting is fantastic for focusing your advertising within a specific area and segment of PT clients, and the data reporting provides additional information that can be used to identify potential business partners (i.e. a health food store seems to have the same customer base as you, maybe a special discount on purchases from the store can be arranged for your personal training clients, with personal training classes in turn offered to the customers of the store).


Offer exclusive things of value, images showing proper technique for your exercise programs, or health and diet information that is useful to your target market.

Don’t do things just because it seems like a good idea… Make sure that any new strategies are mapped out within your Marketing Plan and measured for results to determine if it is working for your business. .

Don’t over use text communications to the point that you are spamming your PT Clients with multiple messages.

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