It is clear that any personal trainer needs effective marketing in order to boost sales and realise business growth. The keyword here is effective. No matter which type of marketing materials you are developing, there are 8 key elements that need to be in place:


  1. Headline

A headline needs to grab a person’s attention and entice them to read further. It needs to be short, punchy and attract the attention of your target market.

  1. Sub-headline

This gives a little more information. It carries on from the heading and offers something of an explanation.

  1. Mention of the pain/problem experienced by your target client

Whether it’s a problem to do with health, fitness or self-esteem and self-image, keep your target audience in mind at all times.

  1. How your services can solve the problem and benefit your target client

Position yourself as the expert and make potential clients feel confident in your abilities to help them.

  1. A minimum of one testimonial to build social proof

A testimonial will give you credibility and increase potential clients’ confidence in your skills.

  1. A reminder of the pain that the target client is enduring

Emphasising target clients’ problems will prompt them to contact you in order to solve these problems.

  1. A Call to Action

You need potential clients to act: make sure you tell them to call you, text you, click on a link, etc…

  1. Any limitations on your offer

Give potential clients a limited time in which to contact you. A short window of opportunity will encourage them to take that Call to Action seriously and act quickly.


Take a look at some great examples and ideas on how to apply these criteria to your marketing materials in Brad Sheppard and Jason Urbanowicz’s must-read A Personal Trainer’s Guide to Wealth Creation.