Here’s another Create PT Wealth business building tip. This one looks at the importance of discovering a prospect’s personal training budget.

This one is taken straight out of Create PT Wealth’s best-selling book A Personal Trainer’s Guide to Wealth Creation. There’s a chapter that is all about how to take the sales out of selling, and closing 9 out of every 10 prospects.

What is your prospect’s personal training budget?

Today’s tips is all about when you’re sitting down in the sales process, asking your prospect have they got a budget to spend? It’s really great to be able to qualify somebody in terms of finding out roughly where they are in terms of budget. A tip, that is based on more than 20 years of experience, is that many people will give you a ‘chuck away’ line such as “I don’t have a budget.” Our advice to you is to dig a little bit deeper. You need to get comfortable with asking the question again. So if someone gives that response to you and says that they’re not sure, just ask them to have a think about it. Just allow there to be a silence for a moment to allow them to consider that.

Helping a prospect with their personal training budget

Alternatively, you could have a completely different strategy altogether. You can evaluate their nutrition, their food, how much money they’re spending on eat out, etc, Once you do that, you can find out that maybe they’re spending $200 in excess, on lunches, coffees, and all sorts of things, that they would be happy to go without once they’re embarking on your program. And straight away, what you’ve been able to do is to enable them to find the money to pay for their training with you.

This tip about a prospect’s personal training budget is straight out of our book A Personal Trainer’s Guide to Wealth Creation. And it’s one of many useful pieces of advice that you can get from there.