This next business tip looks at how do you close the sale? We give you important tips and insight, based on our experience, as to how to go about closing a sale with a prospective client.

When you’re sitting down in front of you future prospective client, how do you come to that point in the conversation when you actually close the sale? What do you do at that particular point in time?

We’re going to give you a couple of tips from experience in terms of what you can put into your current regime when it comes to closing a sale.

Tip #1: Make sure that you ask for the sale.

You’ve got to ask for the sale. You’ve got every right to ask, and the person sitting on the other side of you has got every right to either say Yes or to say No. Some people will; some people won’t. You need to remove this fear that you could possible get rejected. Be open to the fact that you can ask for the sale, but some people will and some people won’t.

Tip #2: When closing a sale, get a solid commitment on paper.

You can genuinely want to do business with somebody.You need to remove this idea in your head about needing a client. You don’t want to need a client. When you need a client, you can appear desperate. So Tip #2 is, during that process, if someone is showing signs of commitment then give them the direct debit forms right there and then. It’s a very powerful point to be in a sale, because what’s happened is you’ve both taken the time to be there. And you can even say, “We’ve both taken the time out of our busy schedules to be here today. And this is all about you taking the right steps to improve your health and well-being. You’ve mentioned that you want to lose these 10 kilos, and we’re here today to commence that. So let’s get that process started.” And then you can pull out the paperwork right there and then. What that means is that that person is making a solid commitment on paper. They’re taking that first step.

You want to think about how many times in the past that person may have taken steps towards improving themselves, maybe steps towards joining a gym or losing weight or any of that kind of stuff, and then bailed on themselves. What you can say to them is, “This time is not going to be one of those times. This is the time when you make the commitment to move forward.”

If anyone’s concerned about trying to pull out that paperwork, my advice is just do it, just get it out there. If there’s any resistance from the other person just say, “Look, if you go away from here and you decide in a few days’  time that this is not for you, then I’ll tear this paperwork up.” The paperwork’s not even valid until they start getting training anyway. But it removes the hassle of trying to chase people up with paper work further down the track. But it also removes that little thing called Buyer’s Remorse. So if that person leaves that meeting, goes home, and they’re confronted by some sort of buyer’s remorse (Am I really going to do it this time? Am I really going to commit to this? Is this the right thing for me?) there’s a chance that they might not turn up again. So our advice to you is to get that process started and what that means is that people will become more committed from Day 1. These tips are proven to help in closing a sale.