In the previous article we discussed The idea of posting random pictures and videos to your Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest pages can be expanded into an actual marketing campaign by starting to identify the image you want to promote of your personal training business. How can your brand be shared with the marketplace with meaningful content. Click this link to review the article…

Start a Coaching Program

Now that you have been creating some audios and videos, you can start using them in more places than just Facebook and your blog.

You will begin to grow a list of leads and customers through your marketing efforts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and locally. Take the opportunity to start offering a bit more than just great “free” content to your list of contacts. You are going to offer what’s known as a “Compelling Offer” to potential PT clients and to your existing fitness coaching clients.

Using the marketing strategy you have developed, and looking at the topics you want to be sharing with your crowd, are there any opportunities to take one idea and turn it into a video audio coaching product you can give away with a bonus offer?

Start with a compelling offer!

Make the offer so easy that your potential and current PT clients won’t hesitate to sign up.

Brad Sheppard, Co-Director of Create PT Wealth, shares “How to Deliver a Compelling Offer” in this audio.

Get a drink and a piece of paper and pencil because you will want to take notes. PS… don’t do this if you are listening in the car!

Click this link How to Deliver a Compelling Offer

So, what do you do now?


Take a few moments and look at the information, videos, audios and reports you already have. Is there a common theme? There should be if you have been keeping your message consistent with your brand.

Apply the ideas that Brad has shared with you to “Value add” and combine your product with a Bonus offer that can’t be resisted.

Then come back here for the next article… How to exchange information with people. And remember to come visit us on Facebook and share your experience!