Take advantage of one the newer trends for 2014

PT Business Building Tips

This series of articles with audios will be looking at taking advantage of the easy access and dynamic effect of audio video content marketing.

By using your existing website/blog page, social media, YouTube and Podcasts it is possible to set up a Coaching and Lead Capture to Client Marketing Campaign.

What is Audio or Video Content Marketing?

We started talking about this concept in this article.. http://personaltrainerbusinesssystems.com/trends-and-tips-for-your-pt-business-in-2014-niche-sites/, where we talked about how the way people interact with the web is changing.

The idea of posting random pictures and videos to your Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest pages can be expanded into an actual marketing campaign by starting to identify the image you want to promote of your business. How can your brand be shared with the marketplace with meaningful content.

Start with where people are…

It is becoming more and more common for people to take advantage of small bits of free time to listen to a business podcast or audio in their car or while having a cup of coffee. You can take advantage of this time by delivering great content in short bursts – perfect for a break or window of time the potential PT client can learn more about your business.

Map it out

As always, it is a good idea to consult your Strategic Marketing Plan (we shared a few tools in the posts listed at the bottom of this article).

Any time or money spent on marketing your Personal Training business should be consistently building a relationship with future fitness clients. You can do this by creating high value content in the form of videos, audios, worksheets, interactive quizzes and fitness related tips for weight training, weight loss success.

Here is an audio from Brad Sheppard, Co-Director of Create PT Wealth. This audio explains a more about doing audios, why you want to do them and how to get one done quickly and easily with your phone! Grab a drink and have a short break – it only lasts about 3 and a half minutes.

Click this link to listen to Brad’s Create Audio Programs

The next several articles with audios we will be sharing are going to cover these topics …

Once you have the audios and videos completed you can use them to promote your PT Business on Facebook, YouTube, on your website, and Twitter.

Start thinking about how you will incorporate this marketing strategy into your plan, and decide on a calendar of topics, spotlights on a health product you might want to also promote. Your target audience is probably very active on social media, so publish links to your blog and a monthly audio, or video.

Start Accepting members

At some point you may want to start a Membership type page on your site. A Membership site can really target the hottest leads hungry for success. Even if it is free, having high value content (like healthy recipes, deals with local fitness clothing and equipment retailers), will make the most interested people feel special.

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Here are the links to our Strategic Marketing Plan posts…