How to set your financial targets using an actual model!

Jason Urbanowicz, Co-Director of Create PT Wealth, created this powerful video power point presentation, sharing genuine long term strategies for setting and achieving your financial goals.

Jason and his partner Brad Sheppard, have coached over 6,500 personal trainers, using proven techniques geared towards making massive change in the profits and success of PT businesses. Jason shares a formula for hitting your financial targets and long term strategies to keep the growth happening year after year.

What do you want for your life?

This is one of many hard hitting questions Jason will be asking during this video.

Do you know the answer to this question?

Even if you have an idea – like $100,000 would be good, how are you going to get there? All businesses want to see growth, but do you know how to achieve this?

This isn’t some trick, Jason will give you a real long term strategy that you can put into practice immediately.

Information is Golden!

Once you have the formula, what’s next?

Information is key, but what are the important pieces of data you need to focus on?

What metrics will give you the answers you need to make informed business decisions?

Jason shares that too…

The video takes about 40 minutes so get a cup of coffee or a drink, turn off your phone, definitely get a notebook and pen, as you will want to take lots of notes.