We’ve got another one of our Create PT Wealth business building tips. In this YouTube clip, Brad Sheppard takes you through how to answer personal training questions, especially that all-important “How much do you charge?”

Common Personal Training Questions

My question to you today is, “How much do you charge?” That is the question that many new prospects or potential clients will ask. If they call you on the phone, or if they tap you on the shoulder in the gym at the water cooler, or they speak to you at a party and find out that you’re a personal trainer, usually the first question that they ask you will be “How much do you charge?”

Why People Ask Those Personal Training Questions

Now, why do people ask that question “How much do you charge?” The answer is that they have absolutely no idea what else to ask. They’ve got no clue! Has anyone ever rocked up to and asked, “Look, I’m just inquiring to find out whether you’re going to do single arm inverted pull super-setted with jumping lunges on a specific timing format?” It doesn’t usually happen like that!

The reason people ask “How much do you charge?” is because they have absolutely no clue what personal trainers do. To me, people out there, many of whom are potential clients, see us personal trainers as all the same. And they know that we’re these energetic, smiling, motivating type of people who exercise and do all that sort of stuff. But pretty much, that’s the extent of it.

How to Answer Personal Training Questions to Improve Sales

So when someone asks you that question, my advice would be that you need to try find out a little bit more. Because if you’re going to answer that question, when they go “How much do you charge?” and you say “$60”, at that point in time it’s usually the end of the conversation. They’ll either say “Thanks very much, I’ll think about it” or “Thanks very much, I’ll possibly call you back”. So in that process, money has just walked out the door, you’ve potentially lost a sale.

What can happen when we start talking price straight up, people can start making decisions based on price alone. So you want to absolutely remove the price from it and you want to start moving towards value because people will purchase on value. So it’s all about the value that you build into the service that you offer.

Have a think about it. Have a think about the process. Think about the number of times that you’ve given that price out straight up, given it out over the phone or blurted it out with somebody, and the conversation has ended and they haven’t turned into a client. How much potential money’s walked out that door? Have a think about that. Have a think about the next time that someone asks that, how do you structure it differently?