Watch Brad Sheppard’s interesting YouTube clip on mastering the three areas that are critical for personal training business success:

Personal Training Business Success

There are three key areas to be successful in your personal training business. And I want to unpack them right here, right now, for you.

First of all: personal development. Really what it’s all about is overcoming any self-sabotaging roadblocks that can hold you back from having it all in your life. You need to make sure that you invest heavily – time, energy, and money – into the area of personal development to create success.

In addition, we also realise that there are two other parts to your PT business that are also critical. That is: the technical side and the business side. And what we’ve seen around the country over the past decade, in terms of educating personal trainers, is that the technicians who also understand the business concepts are the ones who have the most success. And so what I want to pass on to you today is two powerful resources on how you can get the best of both.

For the last six years I’ve been writing for Ultra Fit Magazine, which has now turned into Fitness Mag. It’s Australia’s leading publication for the fitness industry. And I’m going to pass on to you a series of my editorials, my journals, my articles, that are powerful information on the technical side of things. There are pre-done workouts for you; you can slot those straight in. Your clients are absolutely going to love them, and you will too, I guarantee.

On the business side of it, I’m going to be passing on to you some of our powerful business information so that you can learn the secrets of what it takes to create success in the personal training game.

Look, we realise that just being a great technician is not going to cut it alone. So what we want to do is pass on these methods to you. Our advice is that you invest heavily in these three areas: the technical side, the business side, and also the personal development side.