Become a TRUE Fitness Entrepreneur by adhering to these principles

If you want to reach the top of the Personal Training field and become a successful business owner, you need to consider these 5 principles!

Principle 1

1) Personal Passion
We need to start at the very beginning. I am often asked what makes me tick. What inspires me and what motivates me to look beyond simply being a Personal Trainer and to be a true business professional. Because when you look at it in detail; personal training can be challenging, it involves early mornings, late nights, being constantly “energised”, dealing with clients that are sick, unmotivated or continually cancel! Then when you have a free moment, you are writing programs, diets and motivational text messages. On top of all this when you want to change the way you are from being simply a personal trainer to being a successful business owner you need to consider better administration, marketing, sales and how to keep your customers happy! It’s no wonder that most trainers either burn out, or give up because it’s just too hard!
I would have to say that if I identified the single factor that keep’s me continually motivated towards what I do and how I do it, it would definitely be the degree of personal passion that I have towards what I do!

Let me define Personal Passion for you so you can identify with it as well. Personal passion is having the drive and the vision to attempt an conquer all challenges that are placed in front of you, to learn from any “outcomes” you may encounter – remember in life, and in business you have no failures, you have only outcomes! The reason you do it this way is simply because you love what you do! If you were to choose any career in the world, any life in the world, then you are living it right now!
If you are with me, listen on…

As we mentioned it’s never easy to manage all influential factors in your personal training company from clients, to gyms to employing staff, however, if you continually draw from your personal passion you will know, deep inside that you are doing the right thing. Contributing to a greater cause – because it’s your passion!
Let me give you an example of how this has influenced me;

I get a buzz out of endurance type activity; my background is actually in bodybuilding but more recently I love the continual challenge of marathons, mountain bike racing and other things like beach kayaking. In addition to this, I really love to see others get satisfaction of overcoming personal hurdles; I love to see people positively influenced by different types of activity. So, I love to take people mountain biking and hear the positive response they give and see the joy in their eyes when they are there.
What actually stemmed from my own personal love any enjoyment of activity has stemmed to something greater, on a higher level – you might say?
Yes, I do have the same outstanding personal passion with this type of activity, however, beyond that I see the amazing change in others, the feelings that they have and I am able to be a part of this.
When you learn more about me, you will understand that my life is closely connected to my business and vic-versa. I just love what I do!

With this in mind, I notice that I am constantly attracting like-minded individuals in to my personal and business life. They (as I) are they type of people that are seeking continual and never-ending improvement. They realise in life that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and they are continually, as Stephen Covey puts it “sharpening the saw”, to make themselves more productive and in return more satisfied.
Eighty three percent of CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies surveyed in April 2006 declared “personal development” to be the number one factor in their rise to the top of the corporate ladder. They also listed what we call “Self Sabotage” as the major cause of failure in subordinates they had tipped to become their replacement.
You need to have a desire the look at things differently, you need to have a personal desire and you need to take massive action.

Tomorrow I will post the second part of the article
Brad Sheppard