Every success story starts with an idea. A dream. A concept of exactly what “it” will look like when “it” is completed. You need to start with this dream. You may have already started on your own personal path to success; however your dream, your goal and your outcome should be clearly identifiable.
Of course, you do not always know exactly what you want, so let me tell you the process that I went through;

As many kids do, I was into all types of sports, growing up in the 1980’s. I played a lot of soccer, cricket but eventually found my niche in rugby league, or “footy” as we called it. As I became better, I wanted to improve my performance, at this time I am 10 or 11 years old. I started understanding how the body works, I knew that doing more push ups and running further would help me to get better – I loved it!
Then I discovered weights! I understood that Bigger and stronger muscles means better performance.

I began bodybuilding training when I was 12 years old, soon after I began designing my own strength training program and nutrition programs to compliment my results. I was the only kid in grade 7 at high school that took tuna & rice to lunch everyday!
I gave up Rugby league & team sports and entered my first bodybuilding competition when I was 15 years old and learnt very quickly how to train correctly, how to eat right and how to results. I had a diet that was handed down from a competitive bodybuilder. The diet was simple, 7 weeks, no fat, no carbs, just protein! I got in shape and was shredded, but it virtually killed me, of course it made me think that there must be a better way!
Now, I am not telling you this story to impress you, but to impress upon you the fact that my desires and dreams have been shaped by many of my experiences.
Little did I know that this period in my life would begin to shape my desires for the future.

As I completed school, like most kids, I had no idea of what I wanted to do. With my passion now in becoming a better bodybuilder, I loved to read and learn more about the body. So, I did know one thing for certain; I wanted to do a profession that was connected to improving the body and I wanted to do something that was exercise related.
Naturally, I found myself in Phys. Ed. Teaching studying Human Movements. I was not sure that I wanted to be a high school teacher, but I knew I was heading in the right direction.
You can see how things take shape now; it was the sport and that led me to the weights, and that led me to the bodybuilding, and that opened me to the passion behind learning about the body, which made me want to study it more and get qualified.
The rest is NOT history, as you will hear later; there have been many struggles along the way!

The one thing, I can say it that the decisions I had made in life were very influential in shaping my dreams. The activities, which I was doing, provided to be the catalyst that shaped my destiny.
I had personal passion, and knew that I had to shape my life around those exact things that I do, that I love and that I enjoy! I was learning quickly, that in life, if I was able to do those things that I love and enjoy, for me it was exercise, then I would be very happy!
As I mentioned, it’s just not THAT easy!
I started Peak Physique Personal Training when I was 21 years young. I was still studying my degree and I had just won the 1995 Jnr Mr Australia bodybuilding title, which had become my goal after my first competition at age 15.
Of course, the years that followed were very challenging. I had to work and train clients in my business, I had to finish my degree, I had to “live my life” like any young person would – but this left me exhausted! I was trapped! I loved what I did, but I just had no time for myself, little time to train and focus on my athletic goals, which was my real passion, I too some time of bodybuilding competition to get myself on top, and I never returned to competition!
I spent the first 5 years at Peak Physique as a solo, independent trainer. I trained people in gyms, outdoors, in their homes and often at their work. I worked hard, and I was burning out!
This is where YOU can learn from my experience and fast track your way to success…
I knew things had to change, but I had no idea on how it was going to happen.

But then, it hit me! You know in your lives when you are crying out for an answer, and then it hits you, it ca become so clear suddenly. Maybe it’s a person that tells you something, maybe it’s in a book you read. Maybe it’s this audio program!
For things to change, I had to change. I had to thinks about things differently.

I had trapped myself in a vicious circle. I loved what I did, my life was centered on exercise, yet I was continually busy, tired and never had any major athletic goals, I simply trained to stay in shape.
It was the “e-myth”, the words rang so true into my ear it was not funny! I suggest you get a copy!
To summarise; Many business owners have simply bought themselves a job (as I, and most personal trainers had done). To add to this, as they attempt to build a business (as I, like most personal trainers thought I had) they are technicians (as I was, like most personal trainers) suffering as it is called and “entrepreneurial seizure”. Quit simply, no one could do it as good as we could (I thought, and most personal trainers think) and so we continue (as Michael Gerber puts it) doin’ it, doin’ it, doin’ it!
Let me save you the 5 years that I spent doin’ it, doin’ it, doin’ it! And tell you the following; as you may have heard before.
You must work ON your business not IN your business!

This has profound results for you personally, and you business in return.

When I needed to make this change, I was conducting an average of 36 X 1 hour personal training appointments every week. Many weeks I hit 40 sessions / week! The day of my week that I remembered the most was my Friday’s where I trained 6 back to back clients in the morning from 6am – 1pm, than after an hour break, finished the day with 5 back to back clients from 2pm – 7pm!
Of course, I was making a decent living, yes, however I was concerned as I felt like reducing this number of sessions would mean less money.
I struggled with the change, yet I knew I had to change…

I needed a team!