Create PT Wealth Two Day Business Boot Camp

The Complete A to Z Blue-Print Guide to Creating Wealth as a Personal Trainer

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How to make more money than you thought possible in this industry…and have the Millionaire Mindset
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Yes that right, we are going to walk you thru step by step the exact same system and strategies we used to earn well over $100,000 in less than 12 months, while working less than 20 hours a week. But get this…We have taught other trainers the same system and they have achieved similar results. Wait to you hear this story…

One of our previous protégées applied our strategies straight after finishing his PT qualification. And in 8 months, starting from scratch had earned a whopping $80,000. Then he sold his business for $80,000 and moved down to the Gold coast to do it again! Read for yourself:

Let me share some of the instant money making secrets
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How to break away from charging the same price as everyone else and earn more in 1 hour than most do in a week
The one secret strategy that can add an extra $60,000 to your business and hardly anyone else is doing it!
How to multiple your income without multiplying your hours or workload
How to crack the big corporate deals, including the marketing process and negotiating skills to close the deal!
What magic words to use in any advertising material that will get customers picking up the phone No more pouring money down the drain on ads that don’t work
Learn some simple marketing strategies that will make you look like a marketing genius
What steps to put in place to sell your business to get a HUGE PAYDAY!
How to position yourself so you stand out from the crowd
My complete customer service system that will turn clients into raving fans!
My little-known secrets to attracting high paying clients and getting payed 12 months in advance
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That would be equivalent to the old real estate yarns that my Dad used to tell me…I can still hear him now telling us with a hint of regret in his voice saying, “I had an opportunity to buy that piece of land in Byron Bay for $40,000! 15 years ago…” Need I say more! Missed Opportunity!

And listen, you and I both know how much it costs to become a fully qualified trainer these days, and it’s funny how there are no hesitations to paying X-amount of dollars for a licence, but some people shy away from spending just two days of their time to learn how to make real long term on-going money from it. Now forgive me for sounding a bit strong but in my opinion… “You can’t afford not too!”

I mean let’s face it, what’s the good of a trainers licence if you don’t have the business knowledge to make it worth while!

Now if you were to go and source out this information and experience yourself, then you would have to spend 10′s of thousands of dollars and years and years of trial and error! Make no mistake…We have poured a lot of money down the drain and invested blood, sweat and tears into finding what works! But I’ve got some good news for you…

You don’t have to do that. Save your money and your time because Brad and I have compiled everything YOU need to know into this 2 Day Information Summit! These proven strategies that you will learn will leave nothing to chance…You get it all. We will pull back the curtain and reveal everything you need to do to be in the top 1% income earners of this industry.

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