Most trainers seem to cringe at the word ‘administration’ and complain that they don’t have enough time for it. The reality is that trying to run a successful personal training business without an effective admin system in place is like trying to train a client without having a proper exercise programme. Once you have established an effective admin system (and it’s easier than you think!), your business will run more smoothly and you can increase your profits.

In this business, time is money so any admin system that you use has to be simple, effective and effortless. Fortunately, there are software programs out there that are specifically designed for personal trainers to help you accomplish just that. Using one of these programs is a worthwhile investment for any trainer who wants to see his/her business grow. But remember, any program can only be as efficient as the person sitting at the keyboard…
So here are some useful admin tips:

  • Make sure your policies and procedures are in writing and available for all your current and potential clients (e.g. your rates; your policy about missed sessions; etc.)
  • Send electronic reminders to clients the day before each session
  • Use a reliable software program to handle your bookings, accounts and invoices
  • Set aside time every day to ensure that all information is entered accurately
  • Email invoices on a set day each month to the person who is responsible for the account
  • Routinely follow up on outstanding balances
  • Be professional – never cancel a booked session