How To Get Prospects To Practically Turn Themselves Into Your Clients.

Below we have a 9 step follow up system that you can implement into your business today.

1. Enter or record the data from your lead generation methods daily example:
(1300, website, email, walk INS, phone enquiry). Remember to ask the people that have called you decided to do so, flyers, website etc and what was it that made them to call your business. Record feedback. Do not mail any free report unless it’s requested first!

2. Pre-Mail Phone Call.
This is a courtesy call. Do not try to sell them or book an appointment at this point. It will defeat the whole purpose. Each step in the marketing system has a sole purpose. The pre-mail phone call is to simply confirm their address and to ask if they would like any further information sent with the report. No selling!

3. Mail or Email the Free Report to each lead.
Insert your free report in a hand addressed envelope. Use a real postage stamp. Do not include your name or company name on the return address.

Do not include a business card or anything else of that “salesy” nature. Just the report, unless you insert another direct response piece such as, “New Research Reveals How To Reverse The Aging Process For Longer! Or offer a workshop! Or some info that is related to your USP!

4. Follow-Up Phone Call.follow up phone call
(Strongly recommended). Each lead that you collect details from and get sent a Report should receive a follow up call about 5-7 days after mailing.

Again, this is a courtesy call to make sure they received it.

Do not push for an appointment! Simply find out what questions and concerns they may have, and provide the answers like a consultant should. Do not hard-sell them, soft-sell them, close them, overcome objections with cutesy and canned responses, and all that other crap.

You are a consultant, which is much different from a pushy salesperson.

If you haven’t realized it yet, most people would rather go to the dentist for a root canal than talk to a sales person!

Your consulting approach will get much more response… they’ll be drawn to you like a magnet because they’ll realize that you have a wealth of knowledge and information that could really help them out, without you pushing!

The more information you give, the more they’ll think you know, and will want to make an appointment with you!

5. Use “teaser” type statements and comments in your follow-up phone call.
Such as… “You know, that’s a really good question. I wish I had a simple answer for you, there are so many ways to help people achieve their health and fitness goals… but everyone’s situation, of course, is different.

Sometimes people are on the right track, but most people are heading into a huge disaster due to the serious lack of expertise and experience in knowing what they need to do in order to get the results they desire.

At (your business name) we feel that it’s like going to the doctor… a thorough exam has to be done first before any prescriptions can be recommended!

That’s how we’ve helped so many others get the results they truly wanted without wasting time and money when planning their health & fitness program.

So we first need to do a diagnosis to find out what their end goals are and what it is going to take to reach them before discussing prices.

Once we have a clear picture of what it is they truly want to achieve, we can then match up the best possible program to suit.

6. Let them respond, with an “Oh, well yeah, that makes sense”.
So, to answer your question, as much as I’d like to give you a quick answer, I really can’t without an “examination” of your situation first.

In fact, most people who do not take the time to first get a “ diagnosis before making any decisions, tend to make the biggest mistakes that needlessly cost them much more money and time than if they had first investigated and weighed all their options in the first place.

In fact, many times they can start a training program which will be totally ineffective for them personally and actually lose confidence due to a lack of results just because they didn’t take the time to seek expert advice.

7. If they respond with a “Well, how do you know?”
You see, most people don’t plan to fail. They fail to plan!

That’s why our research has found it’s best to offer complimentary consultations to review our client’s requirements before they make any decisions.

It takes about half an hour, and all we do is review each client’s situation, and see if we can be of assistance in helping them reach their goals by recommending which program would be the best fit. I

ts then up to each client to decide if what we recommend feels right to get started.

So whether you decide to start your health & fitness program today or in the future, we offer you the opportunity to take us up on a Free consultation to review and weigh up your options first. With the right information and knowledge, you’ll be able to make the right decisions!

See how easy this is? And how non pushy it is?

And how it generates more interest to making an appointment for a free consultation, versus someone who’s saying, well, do you want to book in or not? What we are attempting to do is show the client what’s in it for them, by making it about them and the benefits of doing what’s in their best interest.

8. Mail a “SECOND NOTICE” Testimonials (booklet or DVD) 3 weeks after the first report.
Add a second letter with this mail out as well with Second Notice written at the top.

9. Mail a “Third Letter” 7-10 days after the second notice. This can be an offer of some sort to have a free consultation or special offer etc.
Add a testimonial and picture of a client’s success story and offer your special around that TOPIC.