The Sales Meeting

We like to call it a conversation.

Because that’s what it is, simply a conversation between two people.

Conversation in a sales meeting

You need to have a clear and definite picture in your mind about what you need to achieve during this conversation.

The simple fact that this person has taken the time to call (or email) you and taken the very first step to improving their health and well being is evidence that they are virtually sold anyway – you just need to provide them with a solution.

The most challenging part of the (sales) conversation, is your future client actually convincing themselves. Once they have done that (and this is evident by them calling, emailing, confirming, turning up to a meeting with you) they are well on the way to being one of your clients.

The overall outcome is to provide a solution to this person’s problem.

Your Psychology

Have you ever tried to convince someone to do something, and the harder that you tried, the more resistance you were met with?

Change your mentality, and rather than selling them in on all of your (personal or companies) features – adopt the approach that if they do not sign up with your great service, then you are actually doing them a disservice.

Listen Empathetically

You need to adopt the Mantra seek first to understand, then to be understood (Stephen Covey – 7 habits of highly effective people) and apply it to your (sales) conversation.

This means that the majority of the conversation will be them talking to you, and expressing their concerns, fears and goals for commencing your program.

Your role is to simply guide the conversation, with several prompts and open questions.

You will find that when you have a structure (system that is) in place that you will be in a very strong position to provide this person with everything that they need.

New Client Template

Use a New client template sheet, that you take to every meeting and it will simply prompt you to ask great questions.

You might find that the conversation moves from point to point (depending on the individual), however your template will keep you on track!

The most important question

There are tonnes of great questions, however most Personal Trainers fail to establish exactly what type of program, or how many sessions will be suitable for this person’s budget. Simply say it like this;

“Have you thought of a budget with what you wanted to spend on your training?”
This straight away gives you a clear picture of the most suitable program for your client.


The (sales) conversation takes me roughly 30mins to complete.

This time includes my presentation of our guarantee, cancellation policy and schedule of fee’s. (very important)

This means, that I am spending anywhere from 20-25mins with our NEW client, talking freely and conversing about themselves, followed by my 5-10 minute presentation on what we can do for them.

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