Remember that in business, the stronger the relationship you have with your clients, the better your business will be.

We are assuming that you have created a database of people. If you have not got to that stage yet then get on it now!More Personalt training Clients

Now having a large database of people is a great thing and it has been said before that the money is in the list (database) and that is exactly the reason why Google bought You Tube, for $1.65 billion.

Not a bad earn for a business that was started out of a garage!

However, having a large database of people does not always guarantee you success.

The first question that I would ask someone that does have a large database of people is “what is your relationship with them?” This is a critical question as you have a hot list of hungry people, however if you are not feeding them top quality information than that hot list can quickly turn cold!

Here are 5 quick ways you can grow your database of followers:

1) Cross marketing – Who has your clients either before or after you?

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2) Ad’s with call to action – to give something away, ideally something (for example a CD, article, and information) in exchange for someone’s details.

3) Where does your target market hang out? – Associating yourself in various business networking groups, breakfasts and lunches, will be potentially useful

4) Speaking – Giving a seminar, information talk or workshop can be a great way to quickly build a database.

Check out this video on how to run a successful seminar

5) Competitions & Promotions – make sure you give away a great prize of value followed by a great offer for all those that took action