There is so much stuff out there about goal setting that it can get confusing right?

However, in my opinion, a lot of the methods are out dated and only touches the surface.

Over the past 13 years of working in the Personal Development Industry, I’ve seen it all. More importantly though, the below method in parts is nothing new either, but there is one part that is very much different.

You see, after the Secret movie was released, a lot of people thought that all you need to do was set a big bold goal that you wanted and it would turn up.

While this may work for less then 10% of the population, it missed some vital key elements to making your goals a reality.

Below is an example of how I would recommend setting your goals and you will quickly identify that this methods feel right for you.

Different things work for different people, so there is never one way to do or achieve something.

I simply want to share with you the method I’ve personally used to achieve all my goals and the thousands of people I’ve taught it to.

If you have ever resisted setting goals because you never seem to achieve them, this method is for you.

Example Of A Well Stated Goal:


May 2012 has been a record month for me (add amount $. Example: If your currently earning $2000 for the week, but you’d really like to earn $12,000 per week. Upping your income from $2000 to $12,000 might be too big a jump for you to accept in a single goal statement.

Instead, you may kick off by wording the goal, I allow myself to effortlessly make $3,500 a week.

That’s a stretch from your current position, but it seems more realistic. The more attainable you make the goal; your mind can at least accept it as a possibility.

My theory is, instead of setting yourself up for failure and getting evidence of that each time you set a very big goal, move consistently up the ladder. The way you do that is by setting goals as described in this process.

In my opinion, it’s more important to reinforce consistently that you are moving forward, then going for a massive goal and missing the mark.

I would suggest saying to yourself (affirmation style), that you are open to earning more then $3500.

So Here Is The Example Of The Goal In Full!

May 2012 has been a record month for me as I have allowed myself to effortlessly make $3,500 per week and have made more money, having more fun than at any time before. I have enjoyed my efforts and contributions so much that I almost didn’t notice that I have also saved (add amount) into my (saving or long term investment account etc).


Money comes and sticks to me easily. Or Money and I are good friends – but I’m the boss.

Have you ever said the following? Where did all my money go? If you answered yes, then the above two statements will be a great one for you to use.

And lastly, it is important to plan out some action steps and methods for giving yourself the best possible chance to obtain your goals. If you don’t, you are simply hoping it will happen.

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