Ok, I know you are hanging for the answer you motivated Personal Trainer you!

One of the quickest, easiest and cost effective ways we coach personal trainers to increase their referrals is, by asking a new client at the sales appointment one question.

The first thing you need to do is, plant the seed in your prospects mind during your sales presentation.

This means that you should have a good skill level when doing your sales presentation to start with, but that’s a whole different topic.

Actually, sales is such a scary thing for people and it effects their business so much, that we dedicate a lot of time to it at our 2-day business boot camps for PT’S.

By the end of it, our students feel 100% confident, relaxed and improve their conversion rate right up to 98% using our system.

Now that I have taken myself off track, let’s get back to getting you more clients.

While in your sales presentation (stay focused Jason) you can simply say this to your prospect.

“You know (their name) a great way to fast track your results and make sure you achieve them is by training with a mate/friend.

This way, you will find that your intensity, motivation & fun levels will increase dramatically.

Resulting in your results coming so much quicker. How does that sound? Or, Is this something that you would like to experience?

If I were to say, think about a family member, friend or work college that you:

A) know you would like to workout with or train with.

B) They would like to get in shape themselves, can you think of anyone?

Wait for their response and then you respond appropriately. At this point, rehash why this would be a great thing for them to embark on.

Quicker Results!

At this point, they will have someone in mind and you can grab their details, which then goes towards building your database.

You can then offer some incentive for him/her taking action on this opportunity.

So here is the end result!

Example: If they were doing one PT session per week at $77 for a 45 min session with you, you now have the chance to increase your earnings. Without increasing your hours.

How you ask, well it’s simple!

For both of them to train with you, the rate will be $66 each, which is a saving of $10.00 each.

However, you have just increased your income to $132 for the same amount of time. I actually know students of ours who didn’t drop the price using a different method we taught them, so they simply doubled their income without any more hours.

Then who knows, maybe they upgrade to two sessions every week because they are saving money and getting get value and results.

Remember this valuable lesson, earning more income does not have to equal working harder or more hours.

This is only one small system that we Coach Personal Trainers in how to grow their business, without burning out.

At the end of the day, if they can’t think of anybody on the spot, then you have planted the seed and I can assure you it will happen at some point.

The next step is to design a great follow-up system for collecting referrals. Not a lot of personal trainers know how to do this effectively or they do it inconsistently.

This is why we hand our students our proven referral system, which is guaranteed to at least replace every one of your current clients and more every year.

No more stressing about where your clients are going to come from or spending outrageous money on marketing that doesn’t work.

It can take a lot of time and effort to figure this stuff out on your own, so the smartest thing to do is get around those who can fast track that for you.

One last thing to leave you with, if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Jason Urbanowicz