Brad Sheppard from Create PT Wealth shares some insightful business tips for personal trainers. Watch this insightful video about hiring a trainer to join your team…


Business Tips: Hiring your first trainer

If you’ve hit that stage where it’s time for you to hire your first trainer and you’re looking to build a team of trainers, our advice is always to look at your particular model and how you want to derive your income.

Now there’s two types of work. There’s working in your business, which is you turning up and exchanging time for money. There’s also working on your business, which is working on your marketing, your systems, your processes, and how you can build a bigger and more successful business.

Avoid that trap…

What we quite often tend to advise our clients to do is, particularly in reference to their model, to make sure that they don’t suddenly fall into the trap of saying, “Okay, I’ll hire somebody and immediately I’ll reduce all my sessions and therefore I’m bringing in no income to the business.” You want to make sure that you’ve got some type of effective balancing act that gets you on your way to your goals and your targets.

To give you an example… Let’s say that you are personally bringing in about $2000 per week into your business. You hire your first trainer and everything’s going really well. This trainer is producing $500 per week for you as passive income. If you were to immediately cut your sessions in half, or cut the income that you’re bringing in to $1000… You were producing $2000 per week. Now you’ve just cut that down to $1000 per week. That’s freed you up some time. But if we add the passive income you get from your team member, that only gets you back to $1500. So suddenly you’ve got this $500 per week deficit.

Now, this might sound obvious right now, but it can be a trap to fall into. So a bit of advice to you is to make sure that you’re clear on your targets. Make sure that you’re clear on the particular model that you’re employing in your business. And make sure that you don’t go and seriously alter a model without considering all the possible parts to it, all the possible consequences.

Get the best of both worlds!

It’s good to be able to find the best of both worlds. So we’d love to find you, if you’re in this particular scenario, a way to still generate that $2000 per week income into the business. And maybe we can creatively find some ways so that it doesn’t require you to put in as many hours or to exchange as much time for money in order to produce that, plus have your trainer on board who’s producing you the $500 per week passive income. This takes you to a grand total of $2500 per week.

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