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Business Tips: the corporate market for personal trainers

Based on our experience, we would strongly suggest that tapping into the corporate market is a great space to be, a great space to play in.

What we generally find is that corporates are very open to investing in their staff. They’re very open to providing some things and some opportunities for their staff that they might not have otherwise got. They also want to be seen as proactive in terms of promoting exercise and energising their staff.

If we rewind the clock to ten to fifteen years ago when we launched many of our corporate programmes, they were incredibly successful. We took our existing bootcamp models and literally took them to a different market. And we were able to show corporates how we could produce, for them, such a great return on their investment.

To use some figures and stats…

What we found is that for us back then, even twelve years ago, $220 per session for a corporate bootcamp was a pretty standard price. And we pretty quickly raised that to $330 per session. We found that that, for us, was quite standard. Now in terms of a business model, and for us being business owners, that proved to be quite a lucrative model because back then our trainers were being paid $50 or $60 per session. Then, by the time we took off GST and paid our trainers, the business margin could be anywhere up to $200 to $250 per session.

That was not a bad exchange but, more importantly, what we found was the business relationships that occurred from liaising with our corporates was a very powerful model as well. Also, because the company was providing the training and the employees were getting that as a special bonus for being part of that organisation, we found that many of those employees would invest further in their own health and well-being. That gave us a very powerful opportunity to market our one-on-one personal training services. So on the back of those corporate bootcamps, we were able to produce thousands of dollars of revenue into our business through staff members engaging in personal training services, engaging in their own body composition assessments, and coming to see us for all sorts of pieces of advice and training.

What you need to do

Our advice to you is to start thinking about who you have in your network, who you have in your circles where you can tap into this corporate market. Have a think about it. How can you get a slice of that action? How can you be a part of it. And also, more importantly, how can you make a difference in the lives of these people?

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