Secret #4 – Give unexpected gifts to your PT Clients

If you find an article, a book, a CD, or anything else your PT Clients may be interested in, send them a copy with a note saying. “I thought you’d enjoy this. I just finished reading it and it’s got some interesting ideas.”
For instance, meditation CD’s or health lifestyle tips are great “thinking of you” ideas.
If you get large quantities of books, CDs, reports etc, you’ll find the price you pay is reasonable and the goodwill it creates large.

Invest in engaging your PT Clients and they’ll give you more business.

Secret #5 Send Christmas messages with a difference

Your Christmas card will get lost with dozens of others unless you do something different. Something that will make your PT Clients talk about it and about you.

It is far easier to create a conversation piece by sending a letter with a Christmas lolly and a bit of Christmas tinsel than to do what everyone does. Or you could send a cheap to buy card and take the dollar you save and tape it to the card with the words:

‘Here’s something you can give to your favourite charity or make a small child happy.” That’s sure to get more attention, isn’t it?

Or, send a Halloween card shaped like a pumpkin with some trick or treat candy stapled on! Use each holiday as a reminder to touch base with your PT Clients.

Secret #6 – Send lots of Thank You letters

Thank your PT Clients for everything. Especially for paying their bills on time!
Thank them for referring people to you, thank them for coming to see you,
Thank them for giving you their business.

What you reward is what you’ll get more of. So reward your PT Clients by thanking them often. When is the last time someone thanked you for spending your money with them? Why not send a little note with “Hi, Thank you for taking care of your account so promptly”.

And attach a bag of jelly beans. Remember, what you reward is what you’ll get more of. thank your PT Clients often and they’ll respond by talking about you and giving you more business.

Secret #7 – Make thank you phone calls

As a variation to the Thank You letter, you or your staff can also pick up the phone and thank your PT Clients in person.

“Hi, I Just wanted to say Thank You for taking care of your account so promptly. I really appreciate it. “
Do this and watch them pay even quicker next time.

Secret #8 – Give your PT Clients recognition.

Get photos of your PT Clients in their business or home, together with a written testimonial about the results they got by using your products or services. Personal Training Top Secrets

Put these on your reception and office wall or in your shop. They’ll be flattered and they’ll talk to their friends about it.
How do you get them to agree? Ask, “I’d like to get a photo of you and your business and a testimonial if possible.
If they turn out well, we may put them up in our reception where people can see them and promote your business at the same time.”

Who can refuse ‘free promotion’ of their business?