1. They are continually Learning: Principle centered leaders they read, watch, observe and learn. They make and keep promises and commitments – both to themselves and other people.

2. They are service oriented: These people see life as a mission, not as a career. They possess a sense of responsibility, of service and of contribution.

3. They radiate positive energy: Their faces are cheerful, pleasant and happy; their attitude is optimistic and positive.

4. They believe in other people: They don’t over-react to negative behaviors in others. They seek to believe in the unseen potential of others.

5. They lead balanced lives: Principle centered leaders are active socially, intellectually and physically. They have a healthy sense of humor. They can feel their own worth; they are open in communication and have a sense of what is appropriate. Their actions and attitudes are proportionate to the situation. They live sensibly in the present; their self honesty is revealed by their willingness to admit and then to forget mistakes, and to cheerfully do the things ahead that lie within their power.

6. They see life as an adventure: Their security comes from within instead of from without. therefore, they have no need to stereotype everything to give them certainty and predictability. Their security lies in their initiative, creativity, willpower, courage, stamina and native intelligence rather than in their comfort zone.

7. They are synergistic: They improve almost any situation they get into, they work smart as well as hard. In team situations, they build on their strengths and complement their weaknesses with the strengths of others. They are not threatened by the fact that others are better in some ways and they feel no need to supervise them closely.

8. They exercise for self renewal: They exercise the four dimensions: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual everyday.