An important part of any personal trainer’s marketing strategy should be an effective USP (unique selling proposition). Crafting a great USP that sets you apart from the other thousands of trainers out there will help convince potential clients to sign up for your services. In their book A Personal Trainer’s Guide to Wealth Creation, Brad Sheppard and Jason Urbanowicz outline a few steps you need to work through to develop a USP that will market your personal brand…

  1. Define your target customer

Think of the specific niche that you want to target. Identify their individual needs, frustrations, desires, concerns, goals and opportunities.

  1. Write down your customers’ problems

Focus on your customers’ thoughts and self-image. You need to make them feel great about themselves.

  1. Write down how you can solve these problems

Brainstorm ways in which you can actually tackle customers’ problems.

  1. Be unique and different

You need to stand out from the crowd. You need to be yourself, an expert in your niche.

  1. What can you guarantee?

Make sure this is something that you can provide all your customers. Every personal training business should have some type of guarantee.

  1. Condense your USP into a clear, concise sentence.

It needs to grab the attention of potential clients and work well in any conversation when you’re trying to sell your services.

  1. Use your USP on all your marketing materials.