Become a TRUE Fitness Entrepreneur by adhering to these principles Part 5: Become the Fitness Guru
 As your mentality changes, so too does that way you need to present yourself, the way you need to be seen in the eye others.

This includes your current and future customers, your current and future team members and virtually everyone that comes into contact with your Personal Training Company, or any company for that matter!

What separates you from others? What makes you (and your company) unique? Or as they say in business “whats your unique selling point”, or USP as they call it?
You have probably been fortunate enough the see the impact you can have on others lives through your commitment to fitness and especially as a personal trainer you have a big opportunity to change peoples lives. Our mission statement at Peak Physique is simple and effective;

“We inspire individuals to achieve their goals through exercise”
To break it down for you, we just don’t train people, we just don’t turn up to sessions and motivate them; we literally inspire them!
We find ways that will constantly have them stimulated, achieving results and more importantly, coming back!

The second part of our mission encompasses a whole selection of things we do, but very simply we have the desire to get results for people. In our words, it’s really saying “what we can do for you” we help determine your goals, and get you there…well we don’t just get you there; we literally inspire you to get there!
Now, this statement is far more important to me, because I did not make it up.

Yes, I am the director of my company. Yes, I have the last say. Yes, the “buck stops with me”!
This statement has far more meaning to me because it was created by my team! We discussed, the exact things that were important to them, the message that they wanted to convey to all of their future clients and the feedbcak they had been given from their current clients.
This is just one component of our personal training company, a very small, however extremely important part.
To become a fitness guru, you need to consider the way that you do things currently, you need to have creative ways to influence your team.

If I was to simply make up a statement and ask my team to remember it, do you think that they would? On the contrary, do you think that they will remember the experiences they had, the frustrations, the laughter and the feelings that they experience whilst creating this statement?

My word they would!
In turn, this changes the way you are viewed as the director of your organisation.

To think like the fitness guru does not simply mean, knowing all the latest flavour of low-carb chocolate covered protein bars, leave that to your team of enthusiastic specialists! It requires you to change the way you think.
You need to make positive changes in your business, that’s the difference between business survival and success.
Most people are reluctant to change; to doing things differently. I believe the greatest skill you need for the future to adapt to our ever-changing and ever-evolving business environment, to be flexible and to have the mentality that business is about changing, before we need to change.

Fitness gurus’ are needed to rise beyond simply being good at what they do to being outstanding.

You need to surround yourself with leaders; those that have gone beyond the pack to excel. Remember; Proximity is power!You don’t know any? Get yourself a mentor, a coach, someone who will hold you accountable to achieve your dreams and goals.
When you have a great circle of influence you can learn from others mistakes, you can see how their success was created, and you open the door to seeing how to actually make it happen.
So what does your future hold? Is it the continual and never ending success that will allow you the life you want to lead?

Or, are you simply happy to go with the flow?
Now is you time to brainstorm, and write your dreams, goals and desires and then define the plan to take action!
You need to decide the “why”.

Why do you want to make it work? Don’t worry about the “how”, we can teach you the how – its’ the “why” that is important to you right now!