As personal trainers, we learn about unique training methods, creative nutrition strategies and the best way to get someone in shape, but rarely do they discuss the business end of personal training. Of course, we learn how important it is to find clients and keep them happy, but it does not stop there!
As we discussed, you are not searching for the “all-stars” to be part of your team, but please keep in mind the philosophy that Bill Gates (Microsoft) and may I add the richest person in the world; Bill Gates seeks team members that have skills he does not have, he hires very smart people. Gates believes that the greater the intelligence of his team, the greater the strength of his company!

So keep this in mind; you need to start having at look at your strengths are they better at delivering fantastic kickboxing sessions, signing up more clients or typing up creative eating programs?
You need to adopt part of Bill Gate’s philosophy; you need to find some team members that are stronger (than you) are certain tasks to make your business stronger.

You need to build some systems into your business, and you just may find (like I found) that, yes, you are a great personal trainer, but maybe someone can type faster than you, answer the phone in a more stylish way, sign more clients up and design a better lay-out for a flyer or poster.

At Peak Physique, we created a systematic way that we conducted our fitness assessments, the way that we recorded our clients training information and the way that we collected money from clients.
Although some of these changes, at the time seem massive, they can create massive credibility to your business, they way that you operate and, of course, the volume and consistency of your income!

As you implement these systems, you need to take control of how your organisation is shaping up. Again, something needs to change about the way that you view yourself as not only a great personal trainer, but a great business owner and a great ambassador of your company and fitness in general.
You need to become a fitness guru!