Business Health Check

1) My business has a formal written business plan, that gets frequently reviewed, with clear goals, outcomes, targets and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

2) I have (at minimum) monthly strategic planning session where I review income, statistics, figures, metrics from the previous month and project what is upcoming for the month ahead (this could also be done on a fortnightly or weekly basis)

3) I have identified my niche targets markets, have powerful USP’s that I can easily articulate and my marketing and advertising is all benefits driven.

4) I understand and apply the principles of direct response marketing, enabling me to test and measure the outcome of each piece of marketing and provides me with detailed statistics on the performance – knowing my exact return on investment.

5) I have at least 5 methods of lead generation that are active in my business week to week.

6) I have pre-written email communications, follow up email funnel campaigns for various marketing campaigns set up in an auto-responder system that leads potential prospects to a compelling call to action.

7) I have developed information products (video’s, audios, ebooks, special reports, blogs and infographics) that I either use as education tools, lead generation tools or income generating tools)

8) I understand and use social media as a tool to better build a community, deliver great info, improve client retention and make offers (paid and organic) for people to get started on my program.

9) I have clearly defined sales targets that are meticulously tracked and recorded enabling me to understand my conversion rate and that are reviewed weekly.

10) I have a written and documented sales process that enables me to present the best solution to potential clients – I have various packages and programs to capture clients at various price points and budgets

11) I have pre-written sales scripts and phone scripts for handling various types of enquiries and outgoing calls, documented steps on how to best handle common objections plus I know exactly where to lead every type of sales conversation

12) The income that I create in my fitness business is satisfactory enabling me to pay myself a wage that covers my personal expenses. I also understand my break even figure and profit margins

13) I have business mentors and coaches that I can access that have a wealth of industry experience, supply me with intellectual property, tools and templates

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