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Everything You Need To Know About Running A Predictable & Profitable Fitness Business!

Welcome to the Personal Trainer’s Business Building Bootcamp

You will discover how to increase your leads, boost your profits, & build the fitness business of your dreams with our 2 day business building bootcamp. PLUS everyone that attends our event receives 12 CEC points!

Here’s What We Unpack At Our Fitness Business Program.


  • Develop Your 7-Step Formula To Attract Qualified Clients.

    How to have better qualified clients contacting you and remove them asking how much you charge as the first question. What problem would this solve for you?

    This enables you a way to have better qualified leads & understand the problems they want you to solve.

    We teach you how becoming a specialist means you can earn more for your service (if you desire) and people start seeking you out.

    There are thousands of GP’s out there, but not as many specialists. The difference? A Specialist needs to see less people and can earn more. The specialist also has a waiting list of people wanting to use their service.

    We can show you how to implement this method in your business. And, it’s easier then you may think.

  • How To Remove The Stress Out Of Selling!

    Like to close more sales and overcome your fear of selling? We teach you how to take the sales out of selling, so you feel confident & relaxed.

    The good news is that you don’t need to be a gun sales person; you simply need to follow our step-by-step system.

  • Increase The Effectiveness Of Your Advertising For A Greater Return On Your Investment.

    There is a psychology behind effective marketing and advertising.

    People are bombard with advertising these days. The first step we teach you is how to break through the clutter and get notice.

    We then teach how to construct an effective piece of advertising. This method can be used for all forms of advertising, either online or offline marketing.

    If you are currently frustrated with the results your advertising is getting or you don’t do any, this session is a must for you.

Here’s The Truth

You are actually in a Sales & Marketing business.

You can be the best personal trainer in the world, but if you are unable to sell and market yourself, you could also be the poorest.


  • What It Takes To Build A Successful Business?

    Discover Brad’s personal strategy for increasing his business from just him, to a team of 13 trainers doing over 200 hrs of PT each week. Plus, learn how Brad become Australia’s highest paid Personal Trainer per session.


    Have you ever thought about increasing your prices to you’re existing clients, but didn’t pull the trigger?

    No matter if it’s a $10 or $30 price increase, you will leave this session 100% confident in increasing your prices and how to do it effectively.

    Using our methods, you can uncover how it is possible to increase what you earn per session.

  • How To Breakthrough Self-Sabotaging Roadblocks.

    If running a successful business meant just having the information, there should be more successful people out there.

    Truth of the matter is; if you don’t have the right beliefs or programming about being successful in business, chances are, you won’t be.

    In this session, Jason uncovers how to breakthrough limiting beliefs that can hold you back from reaching success in your business.

  • Build A Team Of Trainers And It’s Not As Scary As You May Believe.

    In this session you will uncover how to start earning passive income by leveraging your time and hiring other people.

    This means that you can take holidays and not lose money or clients.

    If the only way you make an income at the moment is exchanging time for money, this session is critical for you.

    No matter if you want to do this right now or in the near future, you will see the possibility of how you can achieve this.

  • 30- Day Implementation Plan.

    After attending seminars, you cannot only feel pumped up and excited about what’s possible, but also overwhelmed as to where to start.

    In our last session of day 2, we will walk you through a 30-day action plan of the “Must Do Things” that you need to do straight away.

    This way you can walk away from our program clear and focused on what you need to put into action.

Who We Are

Jason Urbanowicz

“I was a struggling Personal Trainer getting frustrated with earning a measly $17,000 per year! Then something amazing happened… I was introduced to some strategies and mindsets which turned my business and life around. In less than 12 months I had earned over $120,000 AND only worked 20 hours per week. The following year I had more than doubled that again and it hasn’t stopped. And I will be showing you exactly how to do it too.”

Brad Sheppard

Brad Sheppard is the Owner of Brisbane’s largest and most Successful Personal Training team. He was awarded the Prestigious 2006 Queensland Fitness Professional of the Year Award.

“For years I was frustrated watching and hearing about fellow colleagues struggling to make a living as a personal trainer … So I decided to do something about it! I will expose every secret, strategy, process and technique that will put you in the top 1% income earners in our industry. You won’t want to miss out on this.”

“I Was $12,000 In Debt Each Month!”

When I first met Create Pt Wealth, I was $12,000 in debt each month and in fear of my fitness business going under!

In under 6-months I was out of debt & my business was back on track. Using the Create PT Wealth coaching & systems my business is now on track to do over $300k this year.

Marc Rovere – 0411 232 551, Everliv Fitness Yarrambat, Victoria,

$250 / Week to $5000 / Week!

I was earning $250 / week when I started the Create PT Wealth internship program, and at that time opened a PT Studio. 4 months later, I have a team of 7 personal trainers and I am making $250,000 / year! I can’t recommend Create PT Wealth highly enough!

Adam Grono, 0402 242 251, Bee Active Personal Training, Concord, Sydney

2 Brand New BMW’s

When I met Jason, just 5 months ago, I was your typical “tired and weary” personal trainer working around the clock for not much money… Now, after only 5 months, I am earning over $250,000 per year and I just bought 2 brand new BMW’s! 5 months earlier I thought I was just a personal trainer.

Trudy Dawson, Resultz Personal Training

“3 Years On And Making More Than $10k / Week”

I went from earning $60,000 per year to making $120,000 / year. I now have a team of 10, haven removed myself from personal training, and my business turns over in excess of $10,000 / week!

Thanks Create PT Wealth for giving me the continued support I need as my business grows and grows!

Hayley Beckett – 0466 631 556, Abs On Fitness Kalamunda, Perth, Western Australia

“$60,000 / Month – I Earn More In One Month, Than Most PT’s Earn In One Year!”

Only 3 years ago, I was just your average personal trainer, busting my balls each week to do a huge number of PT sessions! Although I was enjoying what I was doing, and I was able to acquire clients, I was literally burnt out when I was hitting over 55 PT sessions / week! What can I say, in just 3 short years, I have been able to fully remove myself from doing the grunt work in my PT business, I invested in the best coaches and mentors at Create PT Wealth to show me how it was possible to build a successful business, grow a team of PT’s and sales and support staff. I have learned to negotiate business deals to set up my financial future, and I can honestly say that it’s the team at Create PT Wealth who have showed me the way to make this a reality.

My suggestion to you, is to get on the Create PT Wealth Internship program ASAP to watch your business, income and lifestyle skyrocket!

Kris Cochrane, 0418 386 295,

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