Meet Tim Morgan

Tim Morgan

“Your purpose in life creates your mission, when you are clear on your purpose and your mission there are no obstacles” 

After 5 years of personal training “on the side” trying to make it a full time business, whilst working full time to support myself, I discovered that I was going to need some help achieving my goals.

With a little nudge from the universe and a well timed seminar run by Brad and Jason from Create PT Wealth, I was thrust into the world of business. You see working and running personal training sessions and running a business are two very different things and we are not at all ready to run a business because we have completed a personal training course. 

I learnt about the importance of the crowd you surround yourself with and how they will bring you up to their level of success. I learnt how having a mentor or coach that can look at your challenges and obstacles from the outside and give an objective view of your business will change the game. I learnt the power of marketing, sales, recruitment and leadership and why a focus on these element will ensure your success. What I learnt allowed me to build a 6 figure mobile personal training company in 18 months after 5 years of no success. I finally learnt that the secret is never stop learning.

What will you learn?  

“Be the change that you want to see in the world” Ghandi

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