Lexie Meyer

Meet Lexie Meyer

Since I was 19 years old I’ve been buying businesses that have gone broke or are going broke, turned them round in 12-18 months and sold them off. Along the way I’ve created great teams of motivated people, many of whom bought me out.

Experience in different sectors, working with people at all levels has given me unusually broad insights into how to get things done. I now coach business owners and enjoy employing a wide variety of tools, techniques and knowledge to help them run successful businesses ….

AND have great lives outside of business!

My main theme is emotional intelligence – getting people back in touch with themselves, their partners, their families, friends and even their pets. Emotional intelligence involves operating your life and your business authentically and from your heart. This does not mean giving everything away!

As Personal Trainers you will know how your customer relationships deepen with time, trust and results. Imagine your life if all of your relationships began from that place ….

Lex has a diverse background in business ranging from hospitality to the media, from operating earthmoving equipment to writing government policy and from service to sales. The three things that have remained constants over her 30 year career are:
– markedly improving each business: and
– teaching people how to continue the growth; and
– most importantly, for everyone in the business, developing the right mindset.

With a keen eye for detail she quickly pinpoints and defines issues in your business. Lex understands how to leverage your advantages so you get more free time, more money and more enjoyment in life. Her simple, common sense approach to the fundamentals and her ability to think laterally will open up new and different possibilities for resolving issues and creating new opportunities for growth.

Confidence and team building are musts in any business. Her ability to listen means Lex is a great people person and can help you build an excellent team, motivated by your shared vision and inspired to take continuous creative action towards their goals.

If you would like:
– to have time money and freedom to enjoy your life;
– to take your business to the next level;
– to turn it into an empire that you’d be proud to pass on; or
– to turn it into an asset that investors would want to buy;

you should talk to Lex.

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