Yesterday we were talking about Sun Tzu and developing the Mental Edge as a PT in Business.

Identify self-defeating traits that can affect your mental edge

We’re going to continue our warm up by identifying some traits that self-defeating people use. Once again, if our words offend you please forgive us and take a look into yourself to see why the words sting.

This is a sure way to grow and learn more about yourself and how you can gain the Mental edge you need to be successful in your PT business.

So, here are some other traits of people that are self-defeating:

Associates with harmful, negative, unsuccessful people

The people you associate with are what you turn into on a subconscious level. You can’t “will” yourself not to, it’s automatic. It comes from the desire all human beings have to fit into a social group of some kind.

If the people around you become lazy, eat poorly, sleep little, drink a lot and do stupid things with their money, you will soon find yourself doing practicing much the same habits. It almost feels wrong to be different than one’s friends- so if your friends aren’t who you would want to be, you would do well to separate yourself from them.

Tends to focus more on the problems of others than their own

When a person has problems that they don’t want to deal with, they tend to focus on other people’s problems.

Since no one can change another person, this provides a constant, permanent distraction from one’s own personal issues. The person who focuses on every problem but their own, or even denies that they have problems in the first place, is just trying not to think about them. This is far worse than admitting to even the worst problems.

Would rather complain about their problems than work toward solving them

Sometimes the wimp complains about their problems. And complains, and complains, and complains. But you’ll notice that if you try to suggest a solution to the problem they’re complaining about, they have every reason why the problem has to continue.

Wimps are known to have more problems than world leaders do and with much smaller constituencies, to boot. And every problem seems to interrelate to every other problem, which leads to their being impossible to dig out enough to properly sort. At least, that’s how the wimp sees things. Their head might explode if you told them it was their own attitude doing all the problem creation.

Tends to live an overly complicated life

Some people say that complication breeds misery. Other people say that they would rather do everything themselves, as a way of saving this or that. Usually, they end up keeping a little bit of extra money at the expense of lots of time, a moderate amount of effectiveness, and ultimately a lot of money they simply do not have the time to earn.

Mister Scott said it best: “The more complicated they make the plumbing, the easier it is to clog the pipes.”

The more responsibilities a person has the less mental energy they have available to deal with any of it, let alone to keep it all together. When a person clogs up their mental pipes with a lot of extra garbage (or doesn’t delegate dealing with any of the normal things a person needs to deal with in business and life), they rapidly find that there just aren’t enough hours in the day. So things get messed up a little bit more every day. The wimp almost seems to welcome this, and almost universally accepts it as “how things are.”

So, what does this mean for the PT Business Owner?

As a PT Business owner one of your key purposes is to encourage your clients to go harder, push past any blockages and past boundaries they have previously set up for themselves. This can prove difficult if your are dealing with the same issues.

The faster you can identify those traits in yourself that are holding you back from growing and achieving all you can, the faster you are on the road to success in your PT Business.

A positive Mind set is a key component to success in any business, and a sharp mental edge is very much a critical key in the Personal Training business world. We promote positive thinking on our facebook page – come visit us for some positive conversation!