The next tip when it comes to communication your message to your database and prospective clients is to start writing articles on personal training. Watch this Create PT Wealth YouTube clip that explains why this is so important.

Getting your information out there: Tip number 6 is to start sourcing ways that you can write articles or editorials for newspapers or magazines or journals.

The importance of writing articles on personal training

The beauty of this is that it forces you to take action. It forces you to write the article in the first place. And then what happens when the article gets published, you can get the PDF of that article.

The way that we do it, the way that we like to make it stand out a little more, is to get the PDF of that article and then we take a screen shot of the first page of that PDF article and we slot that into our newsletter. That then becomes a link to the article on our website. What it enables us to do it to give people the PDF article, but it also shows your database and everyone out there that you are the expert or the authority in this chosen area.

So that’s the message: start writing articles and get your message out there.