Are You Worth it?
The first question is the most important.
Are you really worth it?
Well, are you?

The answer to this question will be comprised of the following factors including;

1. Technical skills – regardless of how much you value yourself personally, you really do need to be good at what you do. Do you have a personal training style that is a cut above the rest? Are you in high demand and find that you have a constant influx of great clients? I have seen plenty of under skilled PT’s in my time, so make sure that you “do your time under the squat rack”!

2. Personal skills – do you offer something more than just the physical aspect of training to your clients? Have you invested heavily in personal development to be a constant source of inspiration for your clients? Technical skills are critical; however when you are able to provide valuable life changing tools for people, your worth as a professional, increases dramatically.

3. Experience – the more experienced you become, the better you (should) become. Of course, experience relates to your commitment to constant and never ending business, personal, and professional development – these three things are critical to your success.

4. Demand for service – do you seem to attract the right type of clients? Are you constantly booked and in demand? What happens to a share price or a great piece of property when it is demand – it goes up in value of course.
Finally, the most important question that you need to ask yourself is:

“Do you truly believe that you are worth that rate you are charging and if you are looking at increasing your rates, then, do you truly believe that you are worth that new rate”?
If there is some doubt, then maybe you may just not be ready for a change yet. Otherwise, you might me suffering some fears and negative thoughts.

Self Sabotaging Beliefs

If there is a doubt in your mind, then you need to really see where that doubt and fear is coming from. Let’s explore a few common fears that all stem from; “I can’t put my rates up, all of my clients will leave”