So How Much Should You Charge?

Great Question! And I will answer that by saying that it is not up for me to decide what you should be charging for your Personal Training Sessions, but rather ask you to consider some of the following questions;

What led you to determining the current charge out rate you have?
Are you aware that every day you are in business, costs are rising, inflation climbs, and things generally become more expensive.

Are you a great personal trainer and would like to be paid a fee that you truly believe you are worth?
Are you truly committed as a successful professional to collectively raising the standards of our industry so we can be more highly respected and accepted by allied health professionals?

I have personally spent a great deal of time, energy and money over the years to become educated not only on the technical side of Personal Training, but also on the Business side and particularly identifying what I would be comfortable to receive in payment for a Personal Training session if it was going to remove me from another area of the businesses growth.

I have also taken great pleasure in receiving what I consider to be a respectable fee for service and educating and growing my very own team members to command Personal Training rates of up to $175 per session and seen many of our Create PT Wealth Personal Training Internship members around Australia go over the $200 mark per session.
Don’t Think For Others!

I gave up a long time ago trying to think for other people. I gave up a long time ago try to think what someone might be willing to pay for a Personal Training session with me. If you asked me 16 years ago that I would one day be charging $440 per session, I would not have believed you – there would be many reasons behind this, but mostly because I didn’t believe in myself!

Now, I don’t say this figure to impress you, however to impress upon you that there is an abundance of opportunity in the fitness industry and really no limits as to what you can achieve.
Quite possibly, you would just like to know how to go from charging $50 / hour to charging $60 / hour, but have no idea where to start?

Would you like to hear how you can calculate your charge out rates? We will reveal all in part 3…