Do These 3 Things to Get An Immediate (and Ongoing) $300-500+ Increase In Cash flow Into Your Business Every Week in 2014!

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, Brad and Jason at Create PT Wealth have been helping Personal Trainers achieve this goal (and more) for the past 6 years.

Let’s face it, in business Cash Flow is King and if you are able to get an immediate and ongoing $300-$500+ per week increase in cash flow into your business, there’s no doubt it would make a difference. There is no better time to increase your income that in the new year, when everybody is hot to get in shape, lose weight and stick to their New Year’s goals and resolutions.

Here is a chance to get in on these secrets from the comfort of your own home!

Brad Sheppard will be sharing 3 simple things you can do to get more money through the door.

A proven and simple to execute game plan on how you can have your current clients paying your more from what you do
In this webinar we will show you exactly how you can do the following:

  • Overcome any personal obstacles or fear on how you can effectively get paid more to do less
  • Breakthrough any personal boundaries, limitations or ceilings that you might have placed on yourself for earning potential in 2013.
  • How to get paid for doing things that you are most likely already doing for free, you will literally kick yourself when you start to calculate how much potential income you have left on the table!
  • How to successfully structure your programs and packages that has people gagging to sign up and the main reasons why they will never quit!

Brad is looking forward to chatting with you on this action packed and hard hitting webinar to help put more cash into your bank account every week!

So, when is this fabulous webinar happening?

Thursday 23rd January 2014

Click this link to register:

Sydney & Melbourne: 1:00 pm
Queensland:12:00 pm
Adelaide: 12:30 pm
Perth: 10:00 am

Check your local time and mark your calendar! You won’t want to miss this!