Any business needs an effective sales strategy, and personal training is no exception.

1. Focus on the value and the results that you offer, not the costs. Clients will be prepared to pay your fees if they’re convinced that you offer a valuable service that they can’t get elsewhere.

2. Know what makes you stand out from the rest – and have the testimonials to back it up.

3. Find your niche, and become an expert. Clients will be prepared to pay to be trained by someone who’s an expert in a niche that fits them.

Listen before you speak 4. Listen to prospective clients –don’t just see them as prospective dollar bills. Pay attention and focus on developing a relationship from the start rather than simply trying to close a sale.

5. Ask the right questions. Ask open-ended questions to learn about a prospective client’s needs and goals; then you’ll know exactly how to pitch your invaluable services to her.

6. Prepare good responses to common objections. Clients often object because of cost, too little time, a previous bad experience with a trainer, etc. Know how to respond to these issues professionally and effectively.

7. Customer service starts on day one. Help a prospective client as much as you can, whether it’s filling in a form or using a piece of equipment.

Boost your sales

8. Don’t make assumptions. Whatever you do, don’t assume that people can’t afford a personal trainer. You’ll be surprised how many people will make a plan to pay for more training sessions once you’ve sold the idea of your value.

To sum it up, you need to focus on value, establishing a relationship and great customer service. Don’t talk money – the money will come when the clients know that you’ll deliver the results they want and need.