When you’re starting a personal training business, there are a lot of things that you need to consider in order to ensure that your business is ultimately successful. This series of posts will cover a range of topics to help you get the information and advice you need to set up and structure your business correctly.

Business planning

If you want to own and run your own business, you need a plan. And not just any plan, a good customized plan for your specific business. You need to create and develop a business plan and a marketing plan.

Why do I need a business plan?

A business plan provides the blueprint for the future of your company. It is also essential when you need to attract funding and finance your business. Creating a business plan will also help you get to grips with all the aspects of running a business. It will give you a sense of control, as opposed to the worry and stress that often accompanies starting up a new venture.

Why do I need a marketing plan?

You need to make sure that your marketing targets your specific target audience, and a marketing plan will help you do just that. A good marketing plan will help you get more clients. In addition, it’s often required when you are seeking finance for your business. A marketing plan outlines the strategy for your business’s future growth. Just like a business plan, a marketing plan will decrease your worry and replace your anxiety with a sense of control.

How do I write business and marketing plans?

There are many guides and templates available online that can assist you. Otherwise, you can also hire a professional business coach to guide you through the process.