Developing a mental edge will strengthen your ability to succeed in your PT Business by cutting out the noise and distraction of negative influences. Learn how a positive self Image is an integral part of being successful.

We’re going to take a decent jog through the reasons why a person might be self-defeating. Sometimes these reasons can be obvious and at times deeply hidden under a protective barrier. It may be our self image is keeping us from achieving our dreams.

Self Image and how it affects your daily life

The issue of self-image has been written about sporadically since the 1960s, when Dr. Maxwell Maltz first brought it up in his book, Psycho Cybernetics.

Maltz was a plastic surgeon who observed that often, no matter how much surgery and how many alterations a person’s face received, they would still see themselves as ugly. Appearance goes far deeper than what the light reflects into other people’s eyes- it goes all the way to the very core of a person’s being.

Your self-image is just that, how you see yourself. It’s nothing more or less than how you view who you are, and how you fit into the world around you. A self-image has a lot of different facets to it, which explains why some people are exceptionally successful in one area of life (such as those who have ample success with the opposite sex), while something else in their life is complete gutter slosh (such as their ability to run their business).

The self-image of a person who defeats his or her own best efforts and plans is not intentionally misaligned, of course. And there is no one trait that characterizes people who view themselves as being prone to failure. However, there are certain aspects of a person’s self-image, which tend to signify that they see failure as very likely. This goes into core beliefs, which are a little deeper than we can get into today.

Self Image and your core beliefs

Suffice it to say that your core beliefs are to the rest of the world what your self-image is to you. They’re the unspoken definitions of what you personally view as the definition of “reality.” Don’t worry, we’re not descending into the Matrix, or anything. Just be aware that how you see the world isn’t the only way, and there is no “right” way to see it or any component thereof. At the time of this writing, there were roughly 6 billion people on Earth- and thus, there are roughly 6 billion different sets of distinct, equally correct core beliefs.

We aren’t going to delve any deeper into core beliefs in this report- your self-image is going to be enough to keep you busy for awhile. Unfortunately, there is no guidebook as to how to have a “successful” or “perfect” self-image. You have to figure out a lot of these things for yourself, partially because there are so many different possibilities for being successful.

Fortunately, there are some guidelines as to how one can be successful. If you’ve just been dying to read up on how to hurt yourself, read on. If you’d like to know what not to do, also read on. Seriously, writing these reports is a labor of love- don’t let our efforts go to waste. The following are parts of a self-image that is destined to fail at the intended activity. While we’re focusing on business, with slight modifications these can apply to most any area of your life.

Not feeling worthy of success

If you don’t think you deserve something, you will have a horrendous nightmare of a time ever actually getting it. And if you somehow do get it, you’ll rapidly notice that it’s “rare,” and for all the work you do to try and protect it, it quickly slips out of your hands.

Have you ever known someone who was bad with money, or who felt that they “couldn’t save?” A person like this often feels a compulsion to spend everything they make, and usually on things which won’t really help them to get ahead. Giving this person a “loan” usually turns into a gift (or a lot of bitter resentment). This is also the type of person who always seems to need “a break” or “a chance,” even if plenty of people have given them plenty of chances.

Keep in mind that in many cases, this isn’t a con artist. Generally there is no malicious intent, but merely a desire to keep in line with the person’s self-image. Since they believe that they’re undeserving, they will subconsciously make decisions that will hurt their ability to keep what they are given.

As well, any praise that is given to such a person will fall on deaf ears- while they may smile and accept the compliment in the short term, they won’t remember it next week. But try giving them any kind of criticism (even constructively), and then try to live it down in their minds.

This is the self-image that will dazzle a great, high-value client… and then lose all of the client’s contact information, or say something grossly inappropriate that they never would’ve said under normal circumstances.

When you don’t feel worthy of something, you’re climbing a slippery mountain trying to get it. And no amount of towels will wipe the mountain down- the ooze just keeps issuing out unceasingly.

So, how is your self image? Do you recognize any of the behaviors mentioned in this article in yourself? If so, it’s possible to turn these feelings around to a more positive view and begin a life ruled with power and success rather than defeat! How, keep reading our articles this week and we’ll give you some more pointers and suggestions.

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