It’s not just sales questions

Although sales questions are very important for personal trainers, the ability to ask great questions applies in all aspects of your business. It’s imperative that you get to know your clients, develop relationships with business partners, be able to negotiate, make more sales, etc. All of these, and more, hinge on asking the right questions. But this post focuses particularly on asking the right sales questions to close more sales.

Prospects are analysing you

Remember that a prospect will be analysing you from their initial contact, whether it’s via email, phone or in person. Keep this in mind during all your interactions with potential and current clients. In addition to you as a person, prospective clients will also be looking for benefits, your reputation and proof. And only then will they purchase the product. Using the correct sales model will achieve this.

The relationship model of selling

In this video we take you through the relationship model of selling. This model is a surefire way to convert more prospects to paying clients. And asking the right sales questions is integral to the success of this model of selling. We also take you through common sales mistakes and how to avoid these errors. One of these important tips is that you need to allow the prospect to speak. Asking the right questions will enable your prospects to do most of the talking and provide you with the information you need to understand them and then close the sale. Asking questions is important because the person who is asking the questions is in control of the conversation.

This Create PT Wealth video takes you through the different types of sales questions that can be used in the sales process. We show you how to carefully choose the best questions to use during the sales process. Follow our tips and take charge of the sales process!