Let’s be honest, if you own a personal training business, you want to make money and enjoy your lifestyle. You want to see your business flourish and your bank account grow. And there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, we’ve written a book focuses exclusively on how to create a successful PT business. We give you all the tips and secrets you need to know to build your PT business into a successful enterprise. We also run powerful two day seminars – also known as our business building bootcamps to show you how to make money from personal training. Here we tell you all you need to know and answer all your questions. One of the questions that we get asked all the time is How much should I charge my clients? There’s no one magical figure for PT fees that will suit all trainers. Here’s why…


How much value do your clients get in exchange for your PT fees?

At the end of the day, you are providing your clients with a service. And no matter their health and fitness goals, all clients have one thing in common: they are looking to your services to provide solutions and value in their lives. That’s it. Yes, marketing is important. But you can have the most amazing marketing in the world and still fail, no matter what your PT fees are. Because if clients don’t feel that they are getting value for their money, they will leave. And if they don’t feel that you are helping them to solve their problems, they will leave. And when they leave, you can forget about referrals. They’ll save those for your competitor who provides a better service. So before you print thousands of flyers think about the value and solutions that you are offering your clients. That’s the real clincher.


If you add value and provide solutions, your clients will pay your PT fees. You will make money. And that’s what you want.

What about other PTs’ fees?

Well, what about them? Don’t get caught up worrying about what other PTs charge. Or what people pay for a membership at a gym. Remember, you are selling value and solutions. You are selling the positive outcomes. You are selling results. And people will pay higher PT fees to get results. That is, after all, why they want a personal trainer in the first place. All you’ve got to do is make sure that you’re offering unbeatable value.

If you offer a premium service, clients will pay premier PT fees to get that value.

It’s that simple. Think about all the positive effects that are irrefutably linked to regular training. From improved holistic health, to an extended life, the list is endless. If that isn’t valuable and worth paying for, what is?


With your help, people can reach their goals faster, and constantly improve all aspects of their lives. That is what you clients should see in your services. And that is where you will get referrals.

Won’t I get more clients by offering cheaper fees?

We can’t emphasise this enough: it’s not about the money. It’s about the value. If you cheapen you services by setting low PT fees, then what message are you sending out there? You’re basically telling people that you’re not worth more. If you can’t see the value in your own services, then you can’t expect prospective clients to either. You need to be confident in the value that you add to all your clients’ lives. If you train, coach, and motivate your clients along the path to success then there is no excuse for under charging or simply charging what everyone else is charging.


Prove your value and charge accordingly

Remember that prospects are looking for proof. There’s a reason why ‘before and after’ pics and testimonials work. It’s a way of showing others the legitimate value that you provide. It shows them the results that you get. It shows them just how much your services are worth. When they see that value, they will pay for it. Because people want results. People want success. Just like you want results and success for your business.


Listen to the experts: become an expert

It’s no secret that at Create PT Wealth we know how to get results and success for your business. That’s why so many personal trainers sign up for our business coaching and mentoring program – because they know that they will get results. Because we have proven the value of our services time and time again. In the same way, once you establish yourself as an expert in your field who delivers incredible results, clients will pay premier PT fees to experience solutions, value and results in their lives.

So how much should you charge in PT fees? Whatever your services are worth to your clients. And that is entirely in your hands.